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According to me..this is legit

While on the topic of good jeans. I’d hope that you would also keep in mind the value of a good pair of corduroys. We have long past the days of the early 90’s when Kelsey Grammar sported these with graphic sweaters and penny loafers. Nay! Embrace the slimming and comfortable look of good cords and I promise you they will wear into the right fit. Plus they give you a warm fuzzy feeling!

5 pocket cords by james perse

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The Jeans

Alright boys, I know this is a dreaded subject but let’s go ahead and address it. JEANS!! Even though we know you don’t want to hear it, the best way to conquer this obstacle in most of your lives is to do what girls do….go to a department store and try on a million different styles. There…we said it. Now that we have the scariest thing out of the way let’s concentrate on the details.

1. THE FEEL: You should feel the jeans on your legs. It should not look like you’re wearing two barrels around your legs as jeans, ya know what I’m saying? You don’t have to wear skinny or even straight style jeans however they should be TAILORED. I know we say this a lot but maybe you should take that as a hint. There also shouldn’t be any bagginess in any concentrated area. This adds weight and if they’re baggy all over it will shrink you by 6 inches AT LEAST. We don’t know any guy that would be down with that.

2. THE COLOR: Someone once said that the older you get the darker your jean should get. This is a FABULOUS idea. Let’s get rid of the light jeans with even lighter distressing all the way down the front of the legs. Again, this adds weight and shortens you. If you’re a no fuss kind of person (which we’re guessing most of you consider yourselves as such) you need a straight, no-nonsense dark jean somewhere in your closet at all times. A good example of this would be some Ernest Sewn jeans…which leads me to the next point.

3. THE PRICE: Designer jeans can be expensive but if you will figure out how many times a week and then year (and then possibly years) you will be wearing them we guarantee you will get your money’s worth. If you don’t want to go this route, go to a Buffalo Exchange or even Ebay to find the right one for you (this is considering you already figured out what that is at your local dept. store). Also, Gap and American Eagle are blatantly knocking off these designer jeans and not doing a bad job so you can also consider these venues.

4. THE STYLE: First of all, let it be said, that if your jeans look like your niece attacked them with her new Bedazzler she got for Christmas…it is NOT OKAY. Lots of detailed stitching, flaps, or anything shiny is not to be worn going forward. Repeat after me…”simple and tailored.” I wish for once that when girls are asked what they notice first about guys, they would be honest and say their JEANS! I know you think I’m crazy but it’s true. Jeans say so much about a man so please really consider the style that you are wearing and what message that might be sending. If you’re more of a trendy guy and don’t want it to be TOO simple, just try a straighter leg or (gasp) skinny. Also a few rips here and there are popular right now so that is fine. Leave the colors (besides anything in the gray, black, blue family) to the musicians and metro kids. One other little tiny hint…if your jeans have a loop to hang your hammer on…print this blog post out and get yourself to the mall..PRONTO!

Below are some picture examples of some “YES” styles and some “NOOOOO” styles.




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A.P.C Legit

A.P.C is a French based clothing store but is available in many countries even the US. ( New York +LA have stores). It’s my new favorite place not only for my own personal shopping but for gentlemen alike. This is also my new favorite outfit. Simple and business casual, anyone can pull this off…man does tailoring make all the difference.

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Urban Legit

Well hello sir! What other shapes and sizes do you come in? I simply love everything about this ensemble. There is so much to be said for a classic plaid shirt and good jeans. I’m not mad about this jacket either. Well done.

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Let Me Break It Down For You

We are going to break you down and then build you right back up again. Don’t be scared, this is always going to be a positive atmosphere. However, you are going to have to sweat it out boys to see the results. It’s time for tough love.

Lets begin with you…boy who never left college:

(image source)

Exercise 1:
a. Go to your closet and open the door
b. Do you see Abercrombie, Hollister, and American Eagle polos, “distressed” cargo shorts, canvas belts, white tennis shoes, and graphic tee’s on plastic white hangers?
c. Then that’s tragic. Time for the breakdown.

(If you are over 20 then its time to kick this look…its borderline offensive)

We know its comfortable and we know that you looked (emphasis on LOOKED) good in it. We can keep collegiate but drop the frat boy. Time to grow up.

So now that we have broken you down its time to build you up.

Work-wear to The Weekend: Suggestions
a. If you wear a suit (we will expound on this later) and polo’s to work make sure that it FITS. Every suit needs to be tailored to the person, it makes you look like you spent the money even if you didn’t.
b. It is much sharper to go for khaki slacks over twill weekend khakis for work. If you are a cargo short offender:

Replace ThisWith This

Becker Shorts

c. Basics Basics: plain t-shirts in your size go a long way (so many colors to wear with everything)

d.Shoes: This will also take a whole other blog, but we don’t want to leave you hanging. The sooner we can get you out of the scuffed, chunky heel, square toe the better! There are some kick ace lace up leather shoes (Puma etc.) for more casual occassions (or possibly work depending on the work place) and dressier shoes (Grenson etc.). Don’t like shopping? Buy several colors in a fantastic shoe. Don’t have a lot of extra money lying around? Buy three pairs of amazing shoes and be done.

Replace This

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