Let Me Break It Down For You

We are going to break you down and then build you right back up again. Don’t be scared, this is always going to be a positive atmosphere. However, you are going to have to sweat it out boys to see the results. It’s time for tough love.

Lets begin with you…boy who never left college:

(image source)

Exercise 1:
a. Go to your closet and open the door
b. Do you see Abercrombie, Hollister, and American Eagle polos, “distressed” cargo shorts, canvas belts, white tennis shoes, and graphic tee’s on plastic white hangers?
c. Then that’s tragic. Time for the breakdown.

(If you are over 20 then its time to kick this look…its borderline offensive)

We know its comfortable and we know that you looked (emphasis on LOOKED) good in it. We can keep collegiate but drop the frat boy. Time to grow up.

So now that we have broken you down its time to build you up.

Work-wear to The Weekend: Suggestions
a. If you wear a suit (we will expound on this later) and polo’s to work make sure that it FITS. Every suit needs to be tailored to the person, it makes you look like you spent the money even if you didn’t.
b. It is much sharper to go for khaki slacks over twill weekend khakis for work. If you are a cargo short offender:

Replace ThisWith This

Becker Shorts

c. Basics Basics: plain t-shirts in your size go a long way (so many colors to wear with everything)

d.Shoes: This will also take a whole other blog, but we don’t want to leave you hanging. The sooner we can get you out of the scuffed, chunky heel, square toe the better! There are some kick ace lace up leather shoes (Puma etc.) for more casual occassions (or possibly work depending on the work place) and dressier shoes (Grenson etc.). Don’t like shopping? Buy several colors in a fantastic shoe. Don’t have a lot of extra money lying around? Buy three pairs of amazing shoes and be done.

Replace This

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