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These Are Not To Be Worn Sperryingly

These aren’t your daddy’s Sperry’s! They are better. I really like these new styles. What are you thoughts fellas? Would you take these reinvented slabs of leather out for more than just a boardwalk?

I imagine the red plaid with a great pair of jeans, the brown with dark green cord pants. The gray ones…these are the all-stars, you should just wear these anytime. No need for clothes the shoes just say it all.


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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

And you can totally be our neighbor if you wear these for fall. Before you shake your head in protest, take a look at these pictures and realize how masculine and wonderful a good cardigan can be. If you have the kind of job that doesn’t require a sport coat or blazer of some sort this is a GREAT alternative. There are so many different kinds so there shouldn’t be a problem in finding the right one for you (now).
Tell us your thoughts on cardigans in general as we know some guys are all about and some won’t touch. We want to know why you’re “all about” or why you “won’t touch.” Check it. Direct it. Let’s begin.


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Ben Sherman: A Chap You Should Know

I am convinced this man can do no wrong. Ben Sherman of the UK designs feature the “effortless cool”. His brand became famous for being sported by several well-known musicians and it was the first company to produce the famous Oxford button-down shirt. Lets give this man a round of applause!

Heron 65USD

Honestly, I’ve developed a crush, yes a crush, on clothing outfitter Ben Sherman and its a love affair that’s lasted quite awhile. Take these pieces in, contemplate them, then make the decision to purchase them.

Premier Men’s 90 (pounds that is)
I know these aren’t for everyone but they are so legit

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