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Charlie Day – It’s Always Sunny

We had the fantastic privilege of interviewing someone who we admire for his amazing sense of humor, acting talent, and individual style.  Allow us to introduce you to Charlie Day.  He is best known for his role as Charlie Kelly on FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, (and starting the ever popular Green Man” look) but is also the executive producer and one of its writers.  We asked him several questions about his style that we thought you might be interested in knowing, so sit back and enjoy the awesomeness of Mr. Day.

SL: Describe a typical Saturday outfit.

CD: Saturday, (if I have the day off) might involve camo shorts a white tee, running shoes  and a baseball cap because I am most likely walking the dog. If not, maybe a golf outfit  because I have become a golf junkie in my not-so-old age. Nothing fancy on Saturday, I like to get out and about on my days off.

SLName one thing in your closet that you absolutely cannot live without.

CD: Underwear. I never leave home without it. It’s not the 70’s anymore. No chaffing for this guy.

SL: Do you pick out what you wear on the show and premieres or do you have a stylist for  that?

CD: I always pick out what I wear but the wardrobe people provide great options. The only  person who you could call my stylist is my wife.

Good work Mrs. Day!

Image Matthew Simmons

SL: Top 3 go to stores for clothes, shoes, accessories etc.

CD: Lately I never have time to shop, and Mary Elizabeth has picked me out some great clothes. But if I had to say, Ben Sherman seems to fit me well and looks good too. I guess Urban Outfitters is always a safe bet also. After that I’m lost when it comes to shopping. Maybe thrift stores.

SL: Whose style do you admire most?

CD: Maybe early Brando. By early I mean skinny and by Brando I mean James Dean.

SL: You in 9th grade…What were you wearing?

CD: Pegged pants and champion sweat shirts.  Well, maybe in 8th grade. In 9th I was in an all boys school and had to wear a jacket  and tie every day.

SL: Your 3 favorite brands/designers if any?

CD: I don’t know anything about anything when it comes to that. I’m really a dumb-dumb when it comes to fashion.

Well, we’ll just have to disagree with you, sir.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Cast

Image Jeff Gentner



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Project X-David

Meet David.

David is currently teaching as an assistant professor at a southern university. He’s young, hip, witty, and the bottom line is his style is quite good. But when David contacted the dynamic duo of Something Legit to help him with a new wardrobe for school clothes, we took the opportunity with great pleasure only to say “We are the potters, and you sir, will be our clay”.

Follow this time line to learn more…

12:00- Lunch

We discussed with David his inspiration, hang-up’s, and issues with shopping. We also begged to put him in a cardigan and men’s wear vest…we begged.

Inspiration: Mr. Schuster on Glee– David’s work environment is not too formal or casual. We have to work to find that special place in the middle.


Hello Mr. Schuster

Hang-ups: No skinny pants!

Issues: Trouble with fit in the waist and length to go with it.

1:00-Let the molding begin!


Fall Into the Gap



We started David at Gap. He already has a pretty decent selection of pants so we focused on shirts and sweaters. We ended up leaving some of this behind for greener pastures, but he did pick up this bright and different hue blue to mix up want is currently in his arsenal of sweaters.


Electric Blue

We are big fans of neutral colors, but don’t be scared off by a color like this to mix into your everyday basics.

2:00-3:00- The Urban Experiment

David was open to almost anything, so we thought this is where we could sneak our creativity in.


American Apparel Smart

Even though this short sleeved button up didn’t work ( It was way too big in the chest). Everyone agreed on liking these American Apparel ties. We all like the gray one so much we opted to have him try  it on with everything for the rest of the day.


The Triple Threat


The perfect cardigan

We beg, we succeed. David tried on a few cardigans for us. This Charles & 1/2 solid cardigan was the winner though. It was really comfortable and it looked good with everything he tried on. Granted, the guy carried everything we put him in really well.

We loved this rust colored-pearl snap with the dark gray cardigan. It’s just that the Charles & 1/2 looked the best. We can’t forget this structured black military jacket. It’s not really that he needed it, but when you have the chance to look good, you take it.

David walked away with the rust button up, a western button up, and this cardigan on the left. In the dressing room, we had him layer these shirts with the AA ties. Although we tried to find a good pair of pants for work we had a lot of trouble at both of these locations. Plus everything was way too tight for comfort. When things don’t work out, we move on. At this point we gird up our strength for the mothership of prep chic- JCREW.

4:00- The Victory Lap

To be honest we probably lost all consciousness at this point. JCrew was a whirlwind of great pieces. We all split up grabbing shirts, cords, pants, belts, and any militant jacket in our path. If a men’s wear vest found itself in the dressing room, it’s no ones fault. Every time the dressing room door opened it was a like a bright light shone all around him, and maybe that was the lighting, but nevertheless it worked!


The Right Fit

We suggested he order these broken in chino’s in more than one color.

We’re about to give you some advice for buying pants that will make your shopping experiences very, very easy.  Find what fits best and buy it in black, brown, navy, and gray….everytime…every single time. Once you narrow down to more a personal style, take all the risks you want, because if you have go-to stuff like this, you can’t really go wrong!


Utility Shirt

This shirt was stupid…stupidly awesome. David got a great stash of button ups available here. The great thing is that they all fit pretty good. No need for any additional tailoring, except on one of them, he was good to go. (And yes, David IS wearing a charcoal shirt with a brown belt…you can do that.)



“Oh-oh its magic, you know”. Well look at that!  We take a flannel button up, the gray chino’s, a military pull over, and one of our AA ties, and we got ourselves a male model. So easy.  Go ahead, be inspired.


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I look So Pretty In My Uniform


Uniforms are for all ages. photo source: ben lamb

A great ’90s band from Dallas summed it up in a song: “I look so pretty in my uniform. You can’t take that away from me.”  Those guys were on to something: The Uniform.

A uniform is no longer what your waitress at Waffle House is rocking. No, a real uniform is the outfit that suits you better than any other. For me (winter time) it’s a dark pair of tailored jeans, some sort of plain and well fitted shirt of color and a gray cardigan. I like to top this off with my purple watch and a pair of low profile (a.k.a. not clunky) shoes. Do I wear anything else? Of course I do. But I have found that the standard uniform vibe is strong and it can save you money.

The uniform idea is born of about two years spent living in Northern Italy. Men in Italy get it. They find what looks best on them, shell out the necessary cash (which includes making it fit right) and wear the hell out of it. Everyday almost. Why can’t you?

Action for the reader: Find a uniform.

– Alex (find me on: tumblr. and twitter )
my uniform inspiration: thesartorialist


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There’s Right and Then There’s Wrong

Things that happened..

2:58 pm, jcrew dressing room-WRONG

Man Ugg Clog Thing

Man Ugg Clog Thing

AHH my eyes! What is that?

3:15 pm same location-RIGHT



Thank you sir. This is much, much better.

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Load on the Gilt



Ladies have been on to this site for a long time, but I’ve recently discovered that several of my suit wearing fellas have been on to it recently.  This site, , offers designer clothes for a huge discount and they post new designers every day!  You have to become a member, BUT it’s free and you can get a $25 gift card every time you refer someone (and they join).  Check it out and see what you think because they seriously offer some great discount threads.  Their logo is “Shop like a guy. Dress like a man.” And to that we say, “Exaaaaaaactly.”

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We want to start focusing on men that we (and hopefully you) admire.  Whether it be for their art, literature, music, or politickin’ we want to acknowledge these, but more importantly the way they express their style.  Right now we’re going to focus on Spike Jonze because he has just released his much anticipated film Where the Wild Things Are.  His style of dressing is also greatly appreciated and EASY to imitate.  Take a look below at the different ways he rocks a tie (which is a great accessory to wear day or night and still not look fussy). 



"Outdoorsy with Tie" look



"Dressed Up but Not Trying Too Hard with Tie" look


"Wearing My Tie with My Peacoat and It's Legit" look

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Temps Down, Flannel Up

With colder temperatures on the near horizon, you gotta be prepared. This fall we’ve already experienced some extreme lows and the winter is surely going to bring even colder temps, so guys, get ready with your flannel. The pattern that graces most flannel is plaid and therefore I’ll be showing you some items that aren’t specifically flannel but are graced with plaid.

There are a few things I associate with flannel: lumberjacks and my grandpa. My grandpa, well, he was a real badass. All grandpas are right? Mine rolled his own smokes for 60+ years, always wore flannel or pearl snaps, gave me my first guitar and was just an all around man’s man. I think it’s still possible to be a man’s man but look good doing it. That’s where this whole flannel thing fits in. Here are a few of my favorite flannels from this season:

The Hundreds Flannel
The Hundreds has quickly become one of my favorite brands. They’ve got some great street/urban style clothing. They’re colors are bright and the designs are unique. Be sure and check them out.

Topman Plaid
If you’re looking to be a little more upscale but still casual then Topman is a great place to start your search. They’ve got quality goods at reasonable prices.

Levi's Pants
I still think Levi’s makes some great pants. You just gotta know what to look for and where to look. All of the above samples come from Urban Outfitters. While I’m not the biggest fan of UO they do have a good, reasonably priced selection of pants. Remember a couple things though: Urban Outfitters is mostly a retailer and not a design based shop. You can probably find any of the items they carry at some other place, like or another store. Secondly, if possible, go try the pants on. You’re always going to find a better fit and a more satisfactory purchase if you can do that. Thirdly, I hate the shoes the guy in the middle is wearing, sooo I think those pants are nice, just with some other shoes which segues perfectly into our shoes.

I guess I’m not very traditional when it comes to shoes. I have a hard time finding dressier shoes that I like so if I’m wanting to be upscale casual I’ll opt for something on the contemporary/classy/casual side, like a nice basic white Converse. Sure it’s a tennis shoe but worn well and it can set that outfit off. Otherwise go with something special but not too overpowering. Those Nike’s on the left are black and white, classy but urban. The New Balance have a dope pop of bright blue and I’m a sucker for blue.

Black and White Nike’s (you’ll need a translation tool, site’s in Japanese, sorry)

Converse White Low Chuck Taylor’s

Dope Blue Poppin New Balance

Remember fellas, if you’re tucking that shirt in, make sure your belt matches your shoes. I’m not sure how great a white belt would look but I’m also not expecting you to be tucking many of these shirts in, cos ya know, this isn’t exactly business attire. And you know, if you can’t afford any of the above, go raid your grandpa’s closet. If he’s a cool old dude like mine then you’re sure to find some golden nugs in there.


you can read other things I like to say at my personal site or at my fashion blog.


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