I look So Pretty In My Uniform


Uniforms are for all ages. photo source: ben lamb

A great ’90s band from Dallas summed it up in a song: “I look so pretty in my uniform. You can’t take that away from me.”  Those guys were on to something: The Uniform.

A uniform is no longer what your waitress at Waffle House is rocking. No, a real uniform is the outfit that suits you better than any other. For me (winter time) it’s a dark pair of tailored jeans, some sort of plain and well fitted shirt of color and a gray cardigan. I like to top this off with my purple watch and a pair of low profile (a.k.a. not clunky) shoes. Do I wear anything else? Of course I do. But I have found that the standard uniform vibe is strong and it can save you money.

The uniform idea is born of about two years spent living in Northern Italy. Men in Italy get it. They find what looks best on them, shell out the necessary cash (which includes making it fit right) and wear the hell out of it. Everyday almost. Why can’t you?

Action for the reader: Find a uniform.

– Alex (find me on: tumblr. and twitter )
my uniform inspiration: thesartorialist



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3 responses to “I look So Pretty In My Uniform

  1. never really thought of it like this, but i like it. i often find myself just rocking jeans and a tshirt and sometimes i feel bad about that but really, i love tshirts and i think they fit me well. also, for the winter i have to layer, i sweat like a fat kid at gym in the 6th grade so i have to have a tshirt underneath it all.

  2. Jeans and t-shirt is a wonderful uniform. I should add that a good uniform is most certainly one that takes layers well.

    Thanks for the positive feedback!

  3. Chad Eric

    Nicely said. Brilliant really. I find myself trying to mentally keep track of when I wore my favorite combinations. I’ve considered keeping a log. If you wore it to work, it might still be good on Saturday. They don’t know.

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