All Tied Up

Whether it be all the years I gifted my dad with one for Christmas or all the terrible ones you see at office parties, something about this time of year makes me think of ties.  I have looked around and realized what I DON’T like about ties and what I do and I would like to illustrate my point using photos.

No, no, no.

Okay, so let’s talk about this.  I know you want to say, “C’mon, give us some credit. We know not to dress like Dwight.” I know this, yet somehow it’s still done so here goes.  Please consider two things when looking at patterns and colors for ties.  Number one, does this make me kind of dizzy just looking at it? Does it have  to do with the fact that the pattern looks like something from my ninth grade geometry book? Number two, does the color resemble the shade of my face before I hurl from this dizziness?


I know this is also an obvious, however, it needs to be addressed.  By the way, this also covers seasonally themed versions.  Here’s the deal…expressing yourself with your garments and accessories is TOTALLY acceptable, however, a specific thing about you (you like to golf, you beat every one of your friends in Dragon Ball Z, you enjoy crossword puzzles etc.) should not be expressed in your clothing or accessories.  Subtlety is KEY.  To keep it fair, think about it this way…no man I know enjoys seeing a girl in a tshirt that says DIVA or PRINCESS in glitter pink letters or a sweater with Robert Pattinson’s face embroidered on it. Same thing.


This is a way to be “creative” or “festive” without being crazy or downright offensive (and yes, some ties are so bad they are offensive).  Skinnier ties are a little more trendy as they seem to come and go, however, with Mad Men being a huge hit right now the skinny ties are back and better than ever!  Obviously wider ties are always a classic as long as you don’t go too wide (aka Ron Burgundy).

Blazer-stripe tie

This tie is just a classic.  It’s not too skinny, not too wide and it has your predictable diagonal stripe.  We like it because it’s understated but yet can go with so many other things seeing that it’s charcoal and blue.  I’m immediately thinking of all the checked shirts and v neck sweaters (or cardigans) that this would go with!

Double Yes!

Here’s something that’s a little bit more on the quirky side.  It is squared off at the bottom, it’s a “brighter” color and it’s a little skinnier.  It has it’s own little personality but doesn’t offer up that this man owns all The Simpsons seasons on DVD (he’s so mysterious that way!)  By the way, this is from American Apparel and you can get it in (you guessed it!!) LOTS of colors. 

We would love to hear your take on ties, post pics of awful ties and/or great ones, give us your outfit ideas for ties, rant about bow ties, etc.


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