Henley-“a collarless men’s casual wear pullover shirt characterized by a 10 cm to 15 cm (4-6″) long  placket beneath the round neckline, usually having 2-5 buttons” (Wikipedia…thank you)

In other words a Henley is a longsleeve shirt with 3 buttons.

In my terminology a Henley is “a brilliant piece of clothing that makes me think the guy wearing it is a freaking genius”.

Maybe I’m giving this so called “model gentleman” too much credit. But, I love these shirts and they look great on just about everyone. The thermal option, in my opinion, is your best bet. It is more functional in cold weather. Plus these are like the winter versions of your Hanes t-shirt, they can be worn under EVERYTHING.


Jaspe Jersey available at JCrew


Winterlite Y Neck available at Urban Outfitters


Hickman Henley available at Eastern Mountain Sports


Wyatt available at Bluefly

**NOTE-Henley’s are more of form fit. If you are going to wear them correctly, please make sure your pants are fitted to your stature too. Need help with picking the right jeans? Read this archived post for reference.

** FACT-Henleys were named so because they worn by rowers in the British town of  Henley-On-Thames..makes them classically cool.


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