Take me Holmes tonight!

So I saw Sherlock Holmes starring Robert Downey Jr. (I’m now going to anything he stars in..what a come back!) and Jude Law.  I was captivated by the story and editing style, but more importantly the wardrobing!!!  We sincerely hope that these styles reflect what is happening and what is to come in the men’s fashion industry.  Even though the characters weren’t EXACTLY dressed like the era suggested, it was a little modernized which makes it easier to translate to today.  The derby hats, ascots, vests, starched military collars, tweeds…oh my!  Plus, all of these things can be worn now.  I know that the retail industry has already sprung with spring, however with the weather conditions of the WHOLE ENTIRE COUNTRY, spring will not spring for another couple of months.  Below are some pictures from the movie and then some examples of how to replicate this style.  Happy shopping!

outerwear and neckties

Who knew a corduroy and a tweed jacket could look so cool?  Also the dapperness of Mr. Law in a tie and the casualness of Mr. Downey in a tie is wonderful.  How many times have we emphasized the wonderful merits of a necktie?

military j acket, newsboy cap, tweed!

Both of these outfits could walk down the street right now!  The military jacket with the cap and the fine tweed suit are wonderful pieces to have for fall and winter.  Below are examples of how to replicate these two pictures in your wardrobe.  Read em’ and weep.

Fossil fedora

If you’re a hat guy, a fedora is a must!


 Such a classic piece! I cannot remember a time that peacoats were not okay to have in your closet.  This is the time to get one too because stores are doing RIDICULOUS sales to get rid of their winter clothes.  That’s right boys..we’ll be posting on spring SOON!

Suiting Vest

 This is a wonderful versatile piece for your closet.  You can dress up like this fellow or make more casual with jeans and a cardigan (or cord jacket!).

Cord Blazer

 This obviously is a different style than the one pictured above but we think this will work better with what you already have.  This color is fabulous and will go with EVERYTHING including that white v neck tee you already own and jeans or the oxford button up with that tie your girlfriend got you for Christmas.


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