You Can Help

Putting aside all thoughts and cares of men’s fashion, I want to focus on the devestation of Haiti.  The people of Haiti can seem so far away and the situation so overwhelming, but the wonderful thing is there are SO MANY ways to reach out and help.  As Americans we are incredibly blessed that we can bounce back from almost anything on our own.  We must take a minute to reflect on what it must be like to start out with very little and have that very little – utterly destroyed.  Below are some websites and information on how you can donate to aid the people of Haiti. 


You can also text the word ‘Haiti’ to 90999 and $10 will be donated to The Red Cross’ efforts.



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2 responses to “You Can Help

  1. Andee Cone

    Thanks for leaving the world of men’s fashion behind for a bit, & posting about Haiti, & listing several places we can send donations. Nothing’s more fashionable than wearing love & mercy towards our fellow man…..

  2. well said and thank you!

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