Get Smart

Last weekend, when LC and I decided to pick up our library cards, we both naturally came dressed in our literary attire; oxfords, cardigans, tights, boots, and black rim glasses. But thats neither here nor there. However being in the atmosphere of the library got me thinking, nothing is more attractive on a guy  than intelligence! Here are some looks that in my opinion that say “hey, knowledge is power”.

Look Smart

1.JCrew Cardigan 2. Art In The Age 3. Urban Outfitters 4. Green Army Twill Jacket

Carry Smart

1. Ben Sherman Messanger 2. A.P.C 3. Shoulder Satchel 4. Brothers Bray and Co. Rucksack

Walk Smart

1.Adidas Samba’s 2.  Asics Brown Ultimate 81 Tweed SMU 3.Bed Stu Quarter Oxford 4. Navigate 7 5. Philppe 2

**Style tip. I always think its really , really, cool when guys where Sambas, Converse, or Classic Vans with slacks/twill/chino pants and oxford shirts. If you work or study in an environment where you can get away with it, take advantage.

For those who would like a gold star!

1-3 are all looks from French based A.P.C.


Read Smart

Shop Book City Jackets for covers for your favorites or guilty pleasure. They have a lot of art to choose from.


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