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Item Of The Week: Gussto

Gussto Jacket (Chello!)

This Jacket by Obey….Hot! Face it, it’s real hot. [Via The Giant Peach]

This delightful piece is also available in Mustard.

Hot Dang, this is good looking


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Framed: Taking A Look At Black History Month

Guest Blogger: Tommy Busby

February is Black History Month!!! I bet you forgot, didn’t you? I did, but it’s okay, I am Black History. I have the privilege to contribute to Something Legit, I guess, my letter writing campaign has finally paid off. I don’t want to blow this, this is my One Moment in Time (cue Whitney Houston, post Bobby Brown).

I’ve worn glasses since I was eight. My first pair of glasses were from Pearl Eye Vision, my parents let me pick out my own frames, big mistake, I got a pair of brown, square eyed frames with gold stripes, they were Flintstones frames, yes like the vitamin, I got a free bottle of vitamins with the purchase. I wish I had looked to my African American fore fathers to get a taste of what good frames look like. You don’t have to have bad vision to wear glasses, you can find a good pair of frames anywhere. If you do pick out a set of frames, get rid of the plastic lenses that come with em’, they scratch easily, go to Lens Crafters and get a pair of decent lenses. Tell the salespeople you don’t need a prescription, you just want scratch proof lenses, it only takes an hour, tell them Tommy sent ya.

From Jazz Musicians, Rappers, Rock Musicians, Athletes, Revolutionaries and Film Makers bi-focal’s have always stood the test of time in the fashion world. So much, that you can wear any of these frames and get compliments wherever you go.

Bo Diddley with the square frames.

DMC and Light Speed Champion with the rectangled specs

Malcom X Frames, nuff said

Spike Lee and Dizzy with the Hep-Cat look.

Kyp Malone, black ties and black frames, can’t go wrong.

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Question: Whatever Has Become Of Jordan Catalano?

So circa 1994 there was this show My So Called Life….

There was this guy, Jordan Catalano (played by Jared Leto)

Ladies remember the piecy long hair? The man choker? Waffle thermals? Or that head lean on the locker? That lean was absolutely epic.

Oh here he is.

Well, maybe it’s just me, but despite his illiteracy and ridiculously jumbled thoughts, this dude was a style icon in my nine year old brain.

What are the Catalono’s of today wearing I ask? I suspect only AF is still selling that cord jacket and Old Navy the wide leg jeans. But here is how I picture old Jordy these days…

First, we know he would definitely be shopping or shoplifting at Urban Outfitters:

[BDG Rialto Deep V. BDG Winterneck Y Nick Henley. Standard Military Button Up]

[Textured Stitch Beanie. Timberland Earth Keeper Boot. Asics Grey Ultimate 81]

[KD Utility Military Jacket. La Merde Collins Blazer]

[Obey Modern 89 Ring. Waylaid Spinal Cord Necklace. Leather and Tweed Cuff]

Jordan’s Modern Playlist:

TV On The Radio “Wolf Like Me”

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone: “New Years Kiss”

The Temper Trap: “Love Lost”

White Denim:”Shake Shake Shake”

Leto these days...sup

Oh here he is with Angela Chase. Apparently this is their first time reuniting in a long time. [Jared and Claire via Vulture]

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Celeb Style File: Keepin’ Sexy Here!

Continuing our style watch on the celebs and just people we admire in the media in general, we acknowledge Mr. JT.  Out of nowhere this boy has turned into a man, a man with a plan-in the fashion sense that is.  If you are rolling your eyes, fine but I promise we’re not going to drool or talk about the good ole N’Sync days.  We are talking about an entrepreneur , a designer, and a legit musician.  No matter what he decides to bust out whether it be classic or something totally trendy he makes it look so cool.  Let me tell you his secret.  Go ahead, lean a little closer.  CONFIDENCE.  If we don’t take anything else from our posts please take this.  Do it with confidence.  Thank you.

stop looking at Jessica

This look is very laid back and casual HOWEVER he still looks put together and not like he rolled out of bed.  The vest and undone suspenders adds some edge and we’re not hating on the glasses either.

plaid is not bad

I mean, this can be fall, spring, summer, LA winter, whatevs!  This outfit is very easy to do over and over yet it never gets old.  And for those who focus a little much on things being comfortable…this is for you.

Kanye may have started but JT made cool

We’re talking about the glasses. If you want a quick way to update a look, try these.  We both have and so has JT.  Can we also discuss what a cool evening outfit this is?  Blazer from work with weekend jeans and sneaks is a great way to roll around town.  And seriously..let’s all bring pocket squares back.  See below on how to get Justin’s look.

For only $24.50 you can have one of these in an array of colors.  Don’t knock the F21 until you try it!

william rast jeans.william rast blazerralph lauren. f21 .

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Fashion Week Fall 2010

I know that we’re all excited to dive into Spring clothing, however, in the fashion industry it’s time to think FALL! FALL! FALL!  Fashion week has wrapped up at the Lincoln Center in the Big Apple and let me just say that the mens’ designers have stepped it up!  So many things came to mind when watching these including: “Who says you have to wear black in the fall? BRING ON COLOR!”, “I think he is wearing 23 pieces right now….I’m totally down with this crazy layering.”, “Why didn’t I think of putting THOSE together?” etc.  Going on my last thought, I noticed a trend in several shows that I absolutely LOVED.  Boys, next fall we’re switching our cardigans for (drum roll) LEATHER JACKETS! The combination that so pleased me was slacks (and possibly dress shoes) with leather jackets.  These pieces can be a little rough around the edges or totally prepped out and structured.  See below the examples fresh from the runways in NYC.  Once June rolls around we will do a follow up and show you where you can find these wonderful pieces in stores near you.

Billy Reid

Calvin Klein


p.s. Notice the lack of pleats in these dress pants…crazy huh?


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It’s Always Legit In Philadelphia

We’re headed to Flipadelphia today kids! Home to the cheesesteak wit or wit out, Mac/Dennis/Frank/Sweet Dee/and Charlie, and most importantly to a  guest blogger of ours, Jason! Again, get ready for some note taking. This man is considered a Professor of fashion in our book.

(image source:Ben Lamb)

Name: Jason Ballenger

City: Philadelphia

Occupation: Law Student

1. What are you looking forward to wearing in the Spring?

Slim-fitting chinos cut/cuffed a tad short; shoes; no socks.


2. What is your favorite item in your closet?

Winter: Any sweater made from merino wool

Spring: Navy blazer with brass buttons and burgundy lining (I found it at a thrift store sophomore year of college for five bucks.  Whoever owned it before me must have been somewhat tall and extraordinarily skinny, or very uncomfortable)

Summer: Tan seersucker suit

Fall: same as Spring.

3. It’s Saturday night and you’re out, where are you in your city? What are you wearing?

I’m probably eating at a BYOB, opening my second bottle of cheap PA wine.  I’m wearing Levis, a button-down oxford, and a merino wool sweater (my weekend uniform).

4. What do you feel the look of your city is?

Hipster meets Ivy League businessman meets Jersey Shore.  Or, New York City minus 50% of the well-dressed people.

5. Item you have your eye on?

A trim, khaki suit.  An old-fashioned classy wristwatch wouldn’t be bad either.

Khaki Suit

6. Favorite place to shop in your city?

Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction and/or Sugarcube (both in Old City).


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SL Item Of The Week: Can I Have It?

Every Friday we are going to start posting a must-have item that we feel…well, you MUST HAVE!  We’re keeping our eyes and ears open so that you don’t have to.  We’ve also picked these things because we either think they will look good on you or will make your life better/easier and seriously, who doesn’t want that? Exactly.

Adidas miCoach

Our first item is called the Adidas miCoach – a little gadget that blew me away!! Forget paying out the wazoo for a trainer folks.  This lovely device can track your pace, distance, heart rate, calories burned, and coach you while you run.  You can then upload all of your stats to and it helps you make goals for yourself and track your progress.  Believe it or not it ALSO gives you coaching feedback!  You’ve been meaning to get out there and start hoovin’ it and this will give you the extra fire under your tail that you needed.  Also get this… it’s only $139 which is about one of those sessions with Tommy Trainer.


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