It’s Legit In Texas

We are starting a series of interviews with guys whose style we admire. As you know different regions have different looks, so we have asked these guys from all over the states to answer questions regarding Spring 2010. Let us start in the state where everything is BIGGER and BETTER. Our first interviewee? Meet Kevin Dotolo.

Name: Kevin Dotolo

Occupation: Photographer/ Art Director/ Graphic Designer/ Musician


1. What are you looking forward to wearing in the Spring?

I love my American Apparel polos! They fit well, are inexpensive, and come in a wide variety of colors!

2. What is your favorite item in your closet?

I’d say my new John Varvatos converse that I got from Gilt Groupe for only $50.

3. It’s Saturday night and you’re out, where are you in your city? What are you wearing?

Saturday night is rock’n’roll night at the Double Wide, my favorite place to see music in Dallas. It’s a small joint with great people, good beer and a cool patio on those nice nights. Lots of local flair. You’d probably catch me in a comfy tee purchased from Yellow Bird Project. They have a ton of great shirts designed by indie bands, such as Broken Social Scene, The Shins, and many more… even better is that it’s a nonprofit organization benefiting an array of charities chosen by the musicians.

4. What do you feel the look of your city is?

Dallas is a trendy city full of variety. From plastic surgery to skinny jeans and rocker tees. It’s a diversity park. I guess that’s why I like it. There is also an art scene here and with art comes fashion.

5. Item you have your eye on?

I’ve got my eyes on a pair of Tom Ford, Pablo Aviators.  The interchanging lenses are pretty rock’n.

6. Favorite place to shop in your city?

I’d have to say, I’m more of a cyber shopper. Gilt Groupe has done me well.  I’m also a fan of H&M whenever I’m NYC.  I just don’t want to be wearing the same screen printed Urban Outfitters tee that everyone else is wearing. If I’m picking a local place, the more limited edition or Mom and Pop designers, the better. My wife just bought me a shirt from local designers: Bee Things. I also like to stencil my own tees with templates from Stencil 1 and I’m looking forward to making my son, Maxton, a stenciled deer head onesie.


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