It’s Legit in Texas-Day 5

Name: Patrick Cone

Occupation: Filmmaker


1. What are you looking forward to wearing in the Spring?

Shorts.  The only time you’ll catch me wearing jeans/pants is in the winter.

2. What is your favorite item in your closet?

My collection of short sleeve button up shirts.

Billabong short sleeve

3. It’s Saturday night and you’re out, where are you in your city? What are you wearing?

Probably out with friends in the Lakewood/Bishop Arts/Henderson areas, hopefully eating Mexican food and laughing a lot. I’ve also been making it a habit to spend more time at the Angelika theatre.

In the summer, shorts with either a solid color t-shirt or a short sleeve button-up.

In the winter, a solid color crewneck sweater (no ribbing around the bottom) or a military style (two breast pockets and epaulets) long sleeve button up with jeans or brown cords. Unless my hair is buzzed at the time, I will also be sporting a Cooperstown franchise collection hat from lids.

4. What do you feel the look of your city is?

Most guys in Dallas identify with the southeastern United States look, i.e. loafers, dress shirts, chinos, North Face jackets, big watches and croakies. Older guys here keep Tommy Bahama in the black.

HOWEVER, there are pockets of guys in Dallas (mainly in its musical acts) that seem to take their fashion queues from Charlie Bucket (who, upon further research, is from Dallas) and I think that is really cool.

Charlie Bucket

5. Item you have your eye on?

I just found some $18 Aqua Plimsolls on Urban Outfitters website the other night.


Also, some of the new MK2 fitted cotton shirts at Express Men (believe it or not) caught my eye the other day while I was at the mall.

I’m not a big clothes guy, but when I DO go shopping, I always hit these sites first:


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One response to “It’s Legit in Texas-Day 5

  1. Andee Cone

    You always did love Charlie Bucket.
    Come & get your Hawaiian shirts, please. They’ve hung in your old closet so long, they’re now vintage.

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