Take Home Some Tennessee Pride-Day 1

It’s a new week, so we are starting a new series…”Take home some Tennessee pride”. This week we are traveling further north to Tennessee to ask these guys their favorite looks and their upcoming wears for spring. Meet Aron Wright! A talented musician, photographer, and a man that swears by these three things: leather, denim, and cotton. We must say we agree.

[justin wright photography]
Name: Aron Wright
Occupation: Singer/Songwriter, Photographer
Website: aronwrightmusic.com aronwrightphoto.com
1. What are you looking forward to wearing in the Spring?
I pretty much wear the same thing all year: western shirt or t-shirt with jeans and leather shoes or boots. I’m looking forward to NOT wearing a coat outside.
2. What is your favorite item in your closet?
Probably my gray Rockmount western wear shirt. It’s the most comfortable thing I own. I also love my 70’s Maverick jean jacket. In general I choose and love clothes that are well made and get better as they age. Clothes and accessories made of leather, denim and cotton.

The Maverick

3. It’s Saturday night and your out, where are you in your city? What are you wearing?
I’m either at a show, playing a show, shooting a wedding or I’m at an art opening…or shooting an art opening. My wife and I are part of an artist collective called Open Lot, so mostly art openings lately. I’m usually wearing the same thing I’ve been wearing for the last decade. Western shirt or american-apparel tri-blend t-shirt (not V-neck) and jeans with cowboy boots or leather shoes. I usually keep what I wear very simple and the focus is more on how it fits rather than what it is embellished with or what is in fashion. For instance, I like western shirts because of the way the seams accentuate the torso, not because I care about looking like a cowboy. I’ve probably had my boots re-soled 5 times because I like the way leather molds to the foot. Clothes that fit well are timeless…mostly.
4. What do you feel the look of your city is?
The looks in Nashville mostly revolve around what type of music you play or sell. There are a lot of hipsters in Nashville, guys wearing purple pants that are way too tight with american apparel shirts with v-necks that go down to their waist line and fluorescent fake wayfarers. This look seems to dominate the younger crowd. The rest is kind of mixed- Nashville is a pretty eccentric place so it’s hard to narrow down a certain look.

5. Item you have your eye on?
I want some Imogene and Willie jeans. They are a local shop off of 12th ave. South. Their jeans are custom made in the store out of Japanese denim. After taking some pictures for them and spending time with them, I realized how passionate Matt and Carrie (owners) are about jeans and it really shows in the way the jeans look, fit and feel.

Views from inside Imogen and Wille

6. Favorite place to shop in your city?
See Number 5. for more info go here: http://imogeneandwillie.com/about.html (“imogene + willie is an unseen retail concept. It is a mix of product design, product execution, and product distribution… all in one retro-fitted gas station. It is like an artisan bakery for premium apparel.”)


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