Take Home Some Tennessee Pride-Day 2

Welcome back to day 2 of  Take Home Some Tennessee Pride. Today we briefly skirk over to Memphis, home of Graceland, Graceland Too, Music Fest,  Beale Street, and freaking delicious barbecue. Cliff breaks down his personal style in his own way. Yet another man who lives his life in Ben Sherman. Nevertheless, welcome him…


Name: J. Cliff Ganus

Occupation: Pre-med Student

Web Site: nada

1.What are you looking forward to wearing in the Spring?

I’ve become a big fan of mixing patterns. During the winter it’s fine, but in spring, with all the color options, it is a reason to get out of bed. Lucky for me, it looks like plaids and stripes are going to be around for a while.

2. What is your favorite item in your closet?

None of my clothes are actually in my closet – but the things I like the most include a wide variety of v-neck sweaters, the deeper the better. V-neck sweaters are now what argyle was 4 years ago: something anyone can wear with any outfit to give an immediate boost.

3.   It is Saturday night and you are out, where are you in your city? What are you wearing?

I like to stay in the Midtown/University of Memphis area, great bars and excellent music. I’m likely in a t-shirt, slacks and wearing boots. If it’s cold there is a hoodie nearby or, gasp, around my shoulders.

patterns, slacks, and boots at their finest

4.    What do you feel the look of your city is?

Memphis has a diverse look. On campus the girls are a year behind and the guys have been wearing the same thing since Clarks released The Wallabee®. The whole city has a pretty urban look – from the Outfitters (UO and American Apparel) to the Dictionary (Baby Phat, Ed Hardy, Cavi).

5.   What item do you have your eye on?

I am having a hard time not buying boots. They are incredibly comfortable, and I look damn good in them. Ben Sherman has a pair of orange desert boots that will probably be in the mail within the next week…wait…nope, they’re on the way now. Also – anything else Ben Sherman has to offer.

Desert Orange Boots

6.    Favorite place to shop in your city?

I fell into the Gap as a kid, and have had a hard time getting out. Beyond that, shopping in Memphis is an art form. Malls are nominal, and thrift shops are sketchy  – your best bet is to know what you are looking for ahead of time.



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3 responses to “Take Home Some Tennessee Pride-Day 2

  1. j_ball

    cliff is totally wearing my shirt in that picture! he rolled the sleeves because it’s too short for him. i want it back.

    btw, that’s a hyden yoo dress shirt. he probably makes the best workwear for guys between the ages of 25-34.

  2. thanks j_ball!! We will be posting on Hyden Yoo for sure.

  3. How much are thede boots ?

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