SL Item Of The Week: Can I Have It?

Every Friday we are going to start posting a must-have item that we feel…well, you MUST HAVE!  We’re keeping our eyes and ears open so that you don’t have to.  We’ve also picked these things because we either think they will look good on you or will make your life better/easier and seriously, who doesn’t want that? Exactly.

Adidas miCoach

Our first item is called the Adidas miCoach – a little gadget that blew me away!! Forget paying out the wazoo for a trainer folks.  This lovely device can track your pace, distance, heart rate, calories burned, and coach you while you run.  You can then upload all of your stats to and it helps you make goals for yourself and track your progress.  Believe it or not it ALSO gives you coaching feedback!  You’ve been meaning to get out there and start hoovin’ it and this will give you the extra fire under your tail that you needed.  Also get this… it’s only $139 which is about one of those sessions with Tommy Trainer.



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2 responses to “SL Item Of The Week: Can I Have It?

  1. Andee Cone

    Cool item. Maybe purchasing this will help jumpstart my workout routine. Something needs to! Thanks for the info….

  2. I think Im going to buy this for my husband… he loves to workout… great find..and great blog…

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