Fashion Week Fall 2010

I know that we’re all excited to dive into Spring clothing, however, in the fashion industry it’s time to think FALL! FALL! FALL!  Fashion week has wrapped up at the Lincoln Center in the Big Apple and let me just say that the mens’ designers have stepped it up!  So many things came to mind when watching these including: “Who says you have to wear black in the fall? BRING ON COLOR!”, “I think he is wearing 23 pieces right now….I’m totally down with this crazy layering.”, “Why didn’t I think of putting THOSE together?” etc.  Going on my last thought, I noticed a trend in several shows that I absolutely LOVED.  Boys, next fall we’re switching our cardigans for (drum roll) LEATHER JACKETS! The combination that so pleased me was slacks (and possibly dress shoes) with leather jackets.  These pieces can be a little rough around the edges or totally prepped out and structured.  See below the examples fresh from the runways in NYC.  Once June rolls around we will do a follow up and show you where you can find these wonderful pieces in stores near you.

Billy Reid

Calvin Klein


p.s. Notice the lack of pleats in these dress pants…crazy huh?



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2 responses to “Fashion Week Fall 2010

  1. j_ball

    billy reid might just be the best menswear designer in the world right now. and the coolest thing about him is that he’s not based out of nyc or la; his headquarters are in Florence, Alabama. boom.

  2. laura

    What a fun fact. I must agree, Billy Reid’s line of clothes for men are hot, for females too, but on

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