Celeb Style File: Keepin’ Sexy Here!

Continuing our style watch on the celebs and just people we admire in the media in general, we acknowledge Mr. JT.  Out of nowhere this boy has turned into a man, a man with a plan-in the fashion sense that is.  If you are rolling your eyes, fine but I promise we’re not going to drool or talk about the good ole N’Sync days.  We are talking about an entrepreneur , a designer, and a legit musician.  No matter what he decides to bust out whether it be classic or something totally trendy he makes it look so cool.  Let me tell you his secret.  Go ahead, lean a little closer.  CONFIDENCE.  If we don’t take anything else from our posts please take this.  Do it with confidence.  Thank you.

stop looking at Jessica

This look is very laid back and casual HOWEVER he still looks put together and not like he rolled out of bed.  The vest and undone suspenders adds some edge and we’re not hating on the glasses either.

plaid is not bad

I mean, this can be fall, spring, summer, LA winter, whatevs!  This outfit is very easy to do over and over yet it never gets old.  And for those who focus a little much on things being comfortable…this is for you.

Kanye may have started but JT made cool

We’re talking about the glasses. If you want a quick way to update a look, try these.  We both have and so has JT.  Can we also discuss what a cool evening outfit this is?  Blazer from work with weekend jeans and sneaks is a great way to roll around town.  And seriously..let’s all bring pocket squares back.  See below on how to get Justin’s look.

For only $24.50 you can have one of these in an array of colors.  Don’t knock the F21 until you try it!

william rast jeans.william rast blazerralph lauren. f21 .


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