Framed: Taking A Look At Black History Month

Guest Blogger: Tommy Busby

February is Black History Month!!! I bet you forgot, didn’t you? I did, but it’s okay, I am Black History. I have the privilege to contribute to Something Legit, I guess, my letter writing campaign has finally paid off. I don’t want to blow this, this is my One Moment in Time (cue Whitney Houston, post Bobby Brown).

I’ve worn glasses since I was eight. My first pair of glasses were from Pearl Eye Vision, my parents let me pick out my own frames, big mistake, I got a pair of brown, square eyed frames with gold stripes, they were Flintstones frames, yes like the vitamin, I got a free bottle of vitamins with the purchase. I wish I had looked to my African American fore fathers to get a taste of what good frames look like. You don’t have to have bad vision to wear glasses, you can find a good pair of frames anywhere. If you do pick out a set of frames, get rid of the plastic lenses that come with em’, they scratch easily, go to Lens Crafters and get a pair of decent lenses. Tell the salespeople you don’t need a prescription, you just want scratch proof lenses, it only takes an hour, tell them Tommy sent ya.

From Jazz Musicians, Rappers, Rock Musicians, Athletes, Revolutionaries and Film Makers bi-focal’s have always stood the test of time in the fashion world. So much, that you can wear any of these frames and get compliments wherever you go.

Bo Diddley with the square frames.

DMC and Light Speed Champion with the rectangled specs

Malcom X Frames, nuff said

Spike Lee and Dizzy with the Hep-Cat look.

Kyp Malone, black ties and black frames, can’t go wrong.


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