Something Legit’s Hierarchy Of Needs

Okay, so sometimes we need a Maslow in our life to break down things for us in picture form.  We use diagrams and charts at work and we follow a pyramid to help with our munch factor. Why not use one for our fashion purposes?  Laura and I have put together our version of a pyramid (including our recommendation pictures) to make things a little more organized for you.  Check it out.

(EXCESS) The Candy in our lives –  This top tier represents the selfishness in all of us.  The part that craves cake (admit it, you know you do!) and the part that wants to be noticed.  In this we include accessories that you don’t HAVE to have but you just think they’re cool and let us say for the record that if they fit in your budget then GO FOR IT!  That cool watch you’ve been eying, the latest Mac gadget, the expensive tie that you KNOW would land you that job alone, cologne that will make heads turn, and possibly the sunglasses that you saw in our Texas post (thanks Kevin!) would fit into this category.

(WEEKEND) The weekend gear –  Obviously this is not the most important, but definitely a bigger bracket than Mr. Selfish at the top tier.  The Weekend Gear includes the pieces in your closet that are meant for Frisbee in the park, band practice, dinner with fill-in-the-blank, grocery shopping, running errands, and so forth.  We can already hear you thinking, “I just throw on sweats for the majority of that and then jeans and my work button up for the others…” Well, as much as you think this is not very important we think it is!  First of all, those sweats you are referring to are probably from your college (or possibly high school <grimace>)days and that is not okay.  Second, there are so many ways to express yourself in this category that you can’t do at work so take advantage!  There are about five pieces that are great to keep for the weekends and you can rotate or add on as you please.  Make it work for you and your style!

(WORK) Whistle while you work –  Work clothes, we know, mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people so we’ll just cover a few.  Suits first! If you have been following SOMETHING LEGIT you know how we feel about suits.  If you haven’t, you are about to get a tiny tutorial.  You must remember three very important words when it comes to wearing a suit. FIT, FIT, FIT! Try to figure out what colors look good on you.  It sounds basic but we think a lot of guys struggle with this.  You do not want to look like Dwight Schrute from The Office right? Ask your mom, your girlfriend, your best gal pal to tell you what colors you shine in. Also little side note, if you are going to wear gray make sure it’s a dark charcoal as typically lighter grays wash people out.  Don’t want to stand out? Do something subtle like refuse to wear diagonal stripe ties or find a GREAT pair of shoes.  Wanna shake things up a bit? Swap your blazer for a cardigan on casual Fridays or your dress shoes for Sambas (check out J Crew right now). If you work in khaki’s and a polo, count your lucky stars and then again, make sure it fits!! Make sure those khaki are FLAT FRONT also because pleats add some serious weight and who wants that?  Next, add a sleak non clunky heel shoe and you’re DONE.

(THE UNDERS) The Unders – You wouldn’t think this is very important but it is.  It is vital that you have the right under shirts (white v-neck and crew neck), socks, and yes even underwear.  We know that a lot of you like to keep these things until you can watch them blow away in the wind like a dandelion and this is NOT OKAY.  This part of your wardrobe needs to be well stocked and replenished.  The right socks are just as important as your work and weekend wardrobe…no white athletic socks with the suit etc.    The great thing about this section of the pyramid is it doesn’t cost a lot of money! You can buy these at Target, Old Navy, and places like Marshalls (a friend swears by their Ralph Lauren t-shirts and underwear for LOW prices!).  So make an effort to keep your socks without holes, your shirts without stains, and your underwear well, looking as new as possible.

(FIT-ness) Working on your FIT-ness – We want to expound more on the FIT issue that we discussed above.  This is the second most important thing to us because it can totally change the way you look and it’s so VITAL to your wardrobe.  Don’t get us wrong..we are not going to put you in tight clothing.  Don’t get the words “tight” and “fit” confused please as it makes us roll our eyes.  This basically means getting your pants hemmed so they’re not dragging and they’re not “flooding”, buying shirts IN YOUR SIZE.  If you think you are a large in a dress shirt or polo, you are probably a medium and if you think you’re a medium you are probably a small.  Don’t believe us? Just for kicks go to the Gap today and try our test.  We bet money that seams will not reap, choking will not occur, and you won’t look silly.  You may just look a little more put together.  This may not be what you want to do but to find the right fitting pant or jean you have to try on lots and lots.  Then, once you find them, you will never have to do that again…because you’ll know and you’ll buy them in several different colors.  So go play at your favorite store and find the right fit..we dare you.


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