Question: Are White Shoes Okay?

Okay so here comes the question we may have all been sub consciously thinking, “Is it okay to wear plain white shoes?” Oh man do i struggle with this because I’ve only seen it done a few ways where I find it some what acceptable:

1. If you are Mark Wahlberg-esque and you have that Boston/urban/prep thing going on. All of you have the all-white Nike. I understand this whole look has a vibe that if you stick to it works.

2. If your name starts with Chuck and ends with Taylor.

Chuck Taylors

3. Dock shoes (preferrably with brown laces that looks like you will board the Life Aquatic with Steve Zizzou).

Sperry's or check into original Vans

4. Maybe, just maybe you’re Uncle Eddie.


Infamous White Leather Shoes

Here are the cases where it is  NOT okay..

Im not keen to this. If you are prove me wrong

Free advice: these are for running, not for casual everyday wear

Maybe I’m being harsh on these but please don’t be that guy that wears cross trainers/running shoes with your denim. Also don’t be that guy that looks like he’s in 8th grade with the white kswiss and a silver chain. Because here at Something Legit we want to take you to the next level. We want you boys to shine like stars. And people notice!  They notice it like a confident man can sniff out a girl with low self esteem across a room. Take my advice, ditch em.




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3 responses to “Question: Are White Shoes Okay?

  1. don

    i’m all about some white shoes. main problem is they’re terribly hard to keep clean. mostly i like the chucks and that’s about it. i’m pretty sure i saw some italian wearing some nice white dress shoes with a suit and i liked that. white is just so clean and pristine, how can you not be so fresh if you pull it off properly?

  2. laura

    Of course right after I posted this I saw a guy wearing white leather oxfords with a suit and I had a change of heart. I still feel strongly when saddened when I see white running shoes with jeans. I can live with the rest, but you’re right if its pulled of right, it can look amazing.

  3. lbw

    Most guys think white shoes look good, but a lot of girls hate them (file it away with saggy pants). When I see white sneakers, I see Greg Kinnear in Little Miss Sunshine. They might be fresh, but they lack interest. However, white oxfords are an exception the rule. They can make any man on a nice spring day in a Seersucker suit look legendary.

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