Just Because It Is Designer…

Doesn’t mean it is it good.

Mr. Shuster needs to go back to class

[via Go Fug Yourself]

There is just way too much going on here. Let’s pick a team. Either forfeit the hat, open the jacket and lose the hat, lose the jacket and rock the hat, or in best taste lose the jacket and the hat, and just live your life.

Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

We aren’t even going to call out this retailer by name, its not right. Dialogue between myself and Lauren the other day:

Laura: [Emailed this image to Lauren around 10:00 am]

Lauren: “They have such cute stuff! Why, why, why?”

Laura: “No one can see that label”

Lauren: [Both hands are in the air, the head nods with a silent amen]

I don't know where to start

[image via Celeb Buzz]

There is nothing okay with this. All I can say is beware of false prophets: Mr Affliction, Cadet Camo Cropped Pants, Benedict Black socks. Revive the Fez, don’t be Federline.


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