The Mandals Challenge


Lauren does not believe in the essence of Men’s sandals. She has given me one week to find a solid pair of sandals for you guys that are considered worthy. There are many variety of sandals, but for the sake of this competition we’ll focus on casual wear. Please feel free to contribute a link if you see anything out there in the world. GAME ON!



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7 responses to “The Mandals Challenge

  1. j_ball

    i think i am equally pessimistic on this one. i have looked for a decent pair of sandals for years and have yet to find a single pair that i would wear in public.

    please find me some! it sucks wearing shoes on the beach.

  2. ugh… there all so awful. they should just save their customers the hassle and stitch the thermal socks right on in…

  3. sorry: “they’re”

  4. Don

    agreed with j_ball. never have seen a pair i like. i have a pair of birkenstocks but umm, i rarely wear those. i hate ‘thong’ sandals or flip flops or whatever you wanna call them, they’re too feminine for guys feet.

    • I guess we’re going to have to do a follow up post on flip flops for guys. They are not feminine. Have you ever seen surfers on the beach? Nothing feminine about those dudes…no-sir-ee.

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