Mandals Challenge: The Final Countdown

So the Mandals Challenge has now officially come to a close. For those who may have missed it, Lauren challenged me to find a pair of men’s sandals that didn’t make her gag. I decided to make it harder upon myself and seek casual leather footwear. It was a long, scary road out there. Here is a glimpse of last weeks search:

Monday: Optimistic because I had a strategy! (Basically researching designer labels for a decent leather option)

Tuesday: The strategy proved to be failing…

Wednesday: I found myself back to the same place. The only sandals found were reminiscent of this man…


Thursday: Mr F.

Socks with the Stocks

Friday:  This was my best find that day. Are these cool? I don’t know? I think I was looking around so much, I started to believe it.

Peu by Camper

Saturday:  _____________ exactly,nothing.

Sunday: Well the day of rest naturally.

Now its Monday morning and the competition is over. I have to say of what Mandals I did find, I felt that they would best be worn by a mature gentlemen of the  Tommy Bahama pursuit.

George Michael

Maybe the best comfort is sticking to what you know; Rainbows, Havianas, and the Adidas Slide for pool weather. Perhaps there is a mandal out there just waiting be discovered. Sadly, I haven’t found it yet.



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5 responses to “Mandals Challenge: The Final Countdown

  1. Lauren

    You bouge, you loose.

  2. Electric Feel

    dear something legit,

    i do remember when I was in greece a bunch of men in my huf group bought sandals from the poet. Check out the John lennon, Cyclades and Prince” (of Spain). Not bad. Sandals are a man thing. look at history. greek philisophers sported the mandals. Don’t hate.

    not bad. the problem is not really the madals, but the toes in them. If you have bad toes men, please stay away,

  3. Patrick B

    I’m in Athens right now studying for a semester. I’ve known about the melissinos poet sandals for a long time but until I was over here I didn’t realize how popular they actually were. I personally love them and know several guys who wear them religiously. What has amazed me is that I’ve noticed several local Athenians wearing them and at a museum saw several young Italian men wearing them. Definitely look into them.

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