Celebrity Spotlight: Jon Hamm

I was watching the SNL rerun the other night and noticed (obviously) how well Jon Hamm looks in a suit.  I wonder if that is how he got the job on Mad Men…just solely on his wonderful ability to wear a well cut suit.  Well, it got me thinking, “I wonder how he looks at other venues besides the Man Men set and dressed as greasy Sergio on SNL?”  The answer to that question is GREAT..HE LOOKS GREAT! This man can pull of slouchy, business, casual, long hair, short hair, clean shaven, 5 o’ clock shadow, you name it, etc.  Take a look below at some of his looks and we’ll show you where you can find some of these items.

Jon Hamm with glasses and long hair

Jon seems to pull off the long hair look and not seem greasy or unkempt.  This is a wonderful feat.  Also, you know how we feel about a man in specs.  Below are some glasses by Prism that I have just fallen in love with.


Jon Hamm in double pocket shirt

What a great versatile button up!  The double pocket makes it more casual and thankfully there are a lot of different stores and designers that have perfected the fabric for a softer feel and a better fit.  We chose ours from J Crew (shocked?) the gods of a men’s button up.

J Crew button up

I couldn’t do this post without including a picture of him in one of his famous fitted 60’s style suits!  Thankfully they are very in vogue now for guys who want a more contemporary look in the office.

Jon Hamm as Don Draper

Narrow aqua tie

So since we’ve covered this style suit several times, I thought I would focus on the tie which really makes the suit don’t you think?  Thankfully there is a website called www.narrowties.com that is completely devoted to, you guessed it, narrow ties!! They have different widths (1.5”, 2, 2.5”, and 3”), different fabrics (silk vs. knit) and several different prints (polkadot, stripe, etc.).

I hope you have enjoyed admiring Mr. Hamm’s style as much as I have and hopefully you’ll find ways to be as dashing as Don Draper and casual cool as Jon himself.


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