Bald is Beautiful

We know you have heard this phrase before and maybe have not taken it very seriously.  We have several reasons (listed below) on why this statement is totally true.  Take a look.

1. Men are spending more than ever on hair growing products.  What a waste of money AND read number 2.

2. If you are in desperate need of hair growing products maybe it’s time to just let go.  There are tons of guys that have just decided to save money, time, and honestly humiliation in some cases and just go bald.  We aren’t judging…we’re actually checking them out!

3. Bruce Willis

4. Summer is fast approaching and if there is ever a time to try this look it’s NOW!  The first time please do it professionally so that they can look at your noggin’ and see if this look would be okay with you.  You may find out you have a huge goose egg bump on the back of your head therefore this look would NOT be for you.

5. Bruce Willis

Here are a few guys that we stand up and applaud for their courage, sexiness, and confidence.  Do everything with confidence my friends, it goes with everything in your closet.  😉

Bruce Willis

Bruce just shows us every day that hair does NOT make the man.

Chris Daughtry

Thanks Chris for pointing out to everyone that this is not just a look for the older guys.

Andre Agassi

We want to send a gift to the person who convinced our friend Andre to stop wearing extensions.  $500 says that “person” was a woman. Just sayin’

Taye Diggs

Not only did we bring you an action movie star, a musician, and an athlete…we brought you a male model.  Nuff’ said.

So if you’re rocking the Charlie Brown or feeling some receding going on, try this out and then send in some pictures.  You’ll thank us later.


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