Surf’s Up

The first thing my husband does when his birthday is approaching is go on his favorite surf shop’s website and start making his wish list.  Why I haven’t posted on this already is beyond me because they have great things to choose from in the apparel department.  Surf clothes are made to be comfortable and to fit.  A lot of these guys and girls are also skaters and they cannot have a lot of weight and extra fabric flowing all around them therefore you get a fit that we LOVE.  I know that you’re thinking “No way am I going to look like Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.”

Jeff Spicoli

 I promise this is not our intention (even though he was pretty hilarious and cool if you ask me).  If you take a look at some of these sites they offer great polos, tees, SHORTS (which I would like to expound on) and shoes.

So let’s check out these shorts that I could go on and on about beginning with my personal favorite Becker Surf.

O'Quinn shorts from Becker

These have several things going for them: 1. They are long enough 2.  They do not have pleats 3. They are slim but not tight.  DONE.

Insight Retro Stud Boardshorts

I’ve noticed that for some of you taller guys, some swim shorts from places (such as J. Crew) are a little on the short side.  I’m all about the shorter european style for guys but I know that most of you are NOT. 

Billabong Shorts

I have stumbled across a great surf website called (great name if you ask me!) and they had a huge variety of our all of our favorite surf brands.  If you want to add a little prep in your step add some plaid shorts like these into your wardrobe.

I can’t possibly include all the sites that offer great styles of all kinds (not just shorts) so I’ve listed a few below.  Have fun and cowabunga…or whatevs.



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  1. Oh i really love this kind of shorts, i love j.crew ,but i see that there are many new brand in vogue… So thanks 4 your suggestion! xoxo

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