Celebrity Style: Giovanni Ribisi

Giovanni Ribisi. Ah man, it’s one of those nights  when old re-run’s of Friends are hitting the spot. I almost forgot about his part as Pheobe’s kid brother Frank. Excellent show. Well lets get back to fashion shall we. Take it away Ribisi.

Divine Hat, Ray Bans, Buttoned Cardigan-Check

Ribis at his finest

Perfectly rugged leather jacket

Black and Gold combo is supreme

I hope someone is taking some notes. Loving all of this swagger.

Tweed Jacket


I think at this point, everyone knows how we feel here about the Mod Black Suit with a skinny tie; we love it.

{images from Contact Music, Zimbio, StrayeDogs, Zimbio, Zimbio, Television Blog}



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6 responses to “Celebrity Style: Giovanni Ribisi

  1. Well, Hello, Giovanni!!

  2. thanks LB for pointing out yet another male celeb who GETS IT.

  3. i guess he needs all that swagger to cover up the danny stereotype i still have burned in my brain

    i dunno know… these shots are starting to make me shake it.

  4. Chantal

    It’s about time someone notices. The man has it all! The most talented actor around today. Go Giovanni!

    • Completely agree Chantal. We love an underdog celebrity when it comes to taking notice. So many great guys with style who get over looked

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