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Memorial Weekend-Sales Flash

Thanks to Ty Raines for this guest post, wrangling up the best information on great sales for this holiday.

May 31. 2010

As loyal readers of Something Legit, it only seemed proper we pass along some of the bits of tasty sales news.

Acrimony is offering 40% off its small production labels, which means you won’t be dressed like every other guy at weekend barbecues.

A few samples of available gear….

Gitman Brothers flannel shirt

Staple Design Danis Shirt

Ritten House-Striped Pocket

Folk– The perfect weekend wear made with 100% British style and edge. The designs are available for the first time outside f London and are being hosted by Unionmade in San Francisc0.

Button Up Cardigan

Finlay Antilope

Polo Top Grey Marl

Watchismo– Offering the best selection of “Vintage and Modern Horology” online, these folks might have that perfect accessory to set off your new look. Especially at a 50% discount.

Timex AA

LIP Roman


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Non Item of the Week: “Fivefingers”

You know what my new favorite phrase is? “There is a time and place for everything.”  It’s just so poignant, especially at this moment when I’m blogging about something I’m very passionate about. 

Vibram Fivefinger "shoe"

These shoes are meant for outdoor water activities.  They are not, however, meant for grocery stores, coffee shops, music venues, etc.  I know, I know.  I can’t completely rail against taking a clothing item or accessory out of function and turning it to fashion.  There is the cowboy boot, the cargo pant, the combat boot….all of these were meant for a specific purpose and then ended up on Main Street in Trendytowne.  I can confidently say though, that these are not going to “trickle up” as we say in the fashion industry.  Meaning, Calvin Klein and Michael Kors aren’t going to start putting these with their runway collections because people on the street are wearing them.  NO.NO.NO.  Please save these for the activities that they belong to.  There are so many wonderful options in footwear out there it’s CRAZY!  And please don’t give me the comfortable argument…I know it’s just Thursday but my brain feels like Friday and I can’t take it.


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Suspenders or known as “Braces” in British English (love that) were invented in 1822.  Due to the stylish high cut of the trousers of the day, suspenders were worn since belts would have been impractical.  Recently, I started to re-think this style when I saw it represented in the film This Is England. Clad working class English youth who cared greatly about their look in Ben Sherman shirts, braces, and boots. {among other things}

This is England {image source}

There is a way to wear these that don’t make you look like your Grandpa or Colonel Sanders. Here are some ways to wear these if you consider yourself a Dandy, Mod, Urban Hipster, or whatever label you associate yourself with. They can be for any man or woman, and they are quite snazzy.

American Apparel Unisex {multiple colors}

Fred Perry

Paul Stewart {For an extraordinary league of gentlemen. This croc brace can break your bank}

Brown Vintage Braces { Topman is loaded with great choices}

UO {skinny}

Brooks Brothers {opt for a bright pop of color. great for a striped or bright blue button up}

{Image Source: The Urban Gent}

Band Of Outsiders

Even for little chaps {Image Source}

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Celebrity Style: Maxwell

Ascension by Maxwell

We’ve provided some Maxwell tunes above to enhance your blog post experience as you check out his amazing style.

Maxwell suiting it up

Three different patterns and textures, y’all.  GREATNESS.  You don’t have to go this far out with your patterns and textures, however, maybe this will keep you from being a little too timid with them.  Let’s remember that FUN comes first in the word functional.

Maxwell falling into the Gap

Cardigan..check!  Oxford shirt…check!  Trendy glasses….check!  As LB would say, “Brooks and DONE!”

Maxwell too cool for school

You have to agree that this is a Saturday night outfit.  He is still wearing jeans which is casual/cool and comfortable yet they have a wash that signifies a little more dressy.  Also, what a great spin on a leather jacket! Maxwell (ahem, his stylist) realizes that a black leather jacket can be SO predictable.  We are digging this blue that can still be neutral and go with lots in his/your closet.  I’m not judging his man jewelry either which is very unlike me.


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Top 5: Reasons We Hate Ed Hardy Clothing

Becks in EH

1. It magically grows you a mullet when you put it on ….apparently.

Lil Wayne in EH

2.  You end up in the slammer.  Too bad he doesn’t design orange jumpsuits with bedazzled skulls and tigers.

random in EH

3.  It turns an average polo and sneakers outfit to ….this.

kid in EH

4.  It creates future mullet sportin’, outrageously bedazzled wearing, jail-bird citizens.  Awesome.

JC in EH

5.  Do I SERIOUSLY need to give you a reason here?

We’ve contacted our local tv station and they will not let us do an Ed Hardy PSA so this was our little version.  More Top 5’s coming up!


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The “Lost” Boys

I am obsessed with Lost.  I have watched it since the very beginning, I read blogs about it on the web, and I discuss it with my bestie and coworker every week.  It also doesn’t hurt that there are some very beautiful actors and I’m referring to the boys.  Obviously there’s not much to say about their style on the show like we can do for, say,  Mad Men (that post will come later) because they wear sweaty t-shirts and button ups and cargo shorts (not that I’m complaining).  I have found that their style OUTSIDE of the show is worth commenting on.  So here we go.

Daniel Dae Kim

Who doesn’t love Daniel Dae Kim’s character on Lost? He’s had to overcome so many obstacles and becomes a great hero.  He’s also a hero in our book for being a classy/preppy dresser.  The linen button up and khakis for summer has always been great and will continue to be great.  Also, I didn’t think I would go crazy over an argyle sweater but he pulls this off without looking like he’d love to debate you on Macs vs. PC.

Matthew Fox

Is it casual? Is it dressy? WHO.CARES.  This is a wonderful outfit for something that isn’t black tie but also isn’t running to the grocery store, you know?  The leather sneaks and belt make this for me.  I noticed while picture shopping that Mr. Fox likes to wear black and you know….I can’t fault him.

Now THIS is a great weekend outfit.  I understand that you might have problems with the hat as I am not completely sold on it, however, the layering, the shoes, the jeans and their fit are all GREAT.  Understated, yet not haphazard.

Naveen Andrews

Okay so let me just say that Naveen Andrews is the ultimate TV bad-ass.  He is a multi faceted character (probably the most intrigueing one imo) and I found in my picture search that he is also a multi-faceted dresser.  First of all, this pin stripe suit is not what I would have picked for this dude but HELLO it looks great! It’s a softer color pallette than you normally see him in.  And was the leather jacket invented for Naveen to wear it??  He really rocks it and looks comfortable in it.  So to Naveen, we say, thank you.

Josh Holloway

It was hard to find a picture of Josh wearing a shirt but when I finally did, I will have to say that he looks just as good in one as he does without.  You know how we feel about plaid so I don’t believe I need to go any further here.

When dressing Josh Holloway I would never think…”white jeans, for sure!” But these look great on him and I love that it’s paired with a harder color like this graphite tee.  So, white jeans? Yes, please.


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Item of the Week: Listen To My Tie

You heard us. And you can thank us.  We have found you a tie that is made from recycled audio casette tapes and colored thread.  HOW COOL IS THAT? This would be a great graduation gift if you ask me because think about it.  He’s already bummed that he can’t wear his favorite jeans and sweatshirt to work so you might as well make his business attire interactive and fun…and incredibly stylish of course.

Cassette Tape Necktie

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