Pass Me A Watch, Mr. Jones

From all the way across the pond, Mr. Jones Watches intelligent designs, do more than tell time. View pieces from their Permanent Collection, Special and Limited Editions, and the Unique Series.

This watch alternates positive messages, “You’re blessed” with negative ones “Nobody likes you”, every hour through a wedge on the face. The Mantra was inspired by the psychological theories of Emile Coue.

The New Decider flashes yes or no every second. If you’re grabbing a little something extra you don’t need or getting hopped up to make some bad decisions, double check your conscience and your watch.

The Average Day divides your 24 hours into a daily routine. See what you’re doing in increments of time compared to the average person. The outer loop represents the morning and the inner loop the evening.

The Accurate hour and minute hands read “Remember”/”You Will Die”. A bit morbid, yes, but kind of true some days.

The Cyclops. This special edition watch indicates each hour with a red circle over the hour.



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2 responses to “Pass Me A Watch, Mr. Jones

  1. Very neat-looking post.

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