Premium Website=Premium Denim

I was browsing through my People style to figure out what all I wanted/needed for spring 2010 and this website  for men and women caught my eye.  It’s called and was named one of the best denim stores by Nylon magazine and now after visiting I know why!  They have jeans from $50-$250 and they all look like great structures and fits.  Need Supply starting out selling vintage jeans (such as the infamous Levi’s) and kind of took off from there.  Here are some pics of my fave jeans along with some great shoes! Did I mention they also sell great shoes?

Iconic 501 Levi's

I seriously love the way these fit and the color is fabulous.  They are also only $54 to boot!

Clark's Desert Boot

Did I say boot? Yes.I.did.  These take me back to my Jackson, MS roots where everyone pays some serious respect to the Clark’s brand.  I will have to say that I own some of their wallaby’s and they’re the most comfortable shoe ever.  This would look great with any of these jeans or a navy suit perhaps?

Romero by RVCA

These are so slimming don’t you think?? No bulkiness at the ankles, no weird waist bunching, and a sleek slim line! I find the color to be pretty versatile too.  And here’s a balm for that “I don’t want to pay premium prices for premium jeans” wound…$75.

Vanishing Elephant Derby Shoe

I can just see you sipping a mint julep while wearing this beautiful cognac (the color of the bourbon in your MJ btw) derby shoe.  Perhaps with some slacks, a seersucker blazer, and a bowtie?  Okay, I’ll snap out of my Kentucky Derby daydreams…you can wear with the jeans pictured below and don’t even get me started on how A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. these are going to look after a year of wear.

Slim Jim by Nudie Jeans

These are going to cost you.  But they’re also going to dress you up, dress you down, go with everything in your closet, and impress a few ladies…okay maybe a lot.  This wash is to die for and looks really expensive so at least I can say you’re getting what you’re paying for.  This kind of jean will stay in your closet for YEARS also so get all your calculator and figure out the real cost of these bad boys.

Basically, I’m telling you to visit or I will end up posting everything they have for men on this post alone.  Happy clicking!


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