The 411 On The 501, 507, 511 + 514

No,we are not giving you information on specific area codes. Today’s post comes from curious reader who asked the girls of Something Legit to do a little research.

Question posed: “What is the deal on the numbered fits of Levis denim?

Answer: “That’s what we are here for and we’ll take it from here.”

{501}- The Original. These Levi’s fit straight through your seat, thigh, and leg. All of the finishes have been hand treated to make them look soft and comfortable. Sits on your waist.

Best Wash: Dark Aged. Premium Chipped Rigid. Capitola Collectors Edition

{507}- Slim Boot Jean. Boot Cut denim, made with a deeper scoop pocket.  The leg widens below the knee so it can fit over your boots.

Best Wash: Clean Coated. Raw Cut.

{511}-The Skinny. This denim sits just below the waist. For those who know what they are doing. Our suggestion. Be confident in the abs before you take these boys out for a walk.

Best Wash: Premium Rigid. Trousers Revolver. Black Stretch

{514}- Slim Straight.These are considered best sellers due to the fact that they don’t fit too tight or too baggy. The fit cuts low and sits close through the seat and the thigh (love that).

Best Wash: Tumbled Black. Sky. Highway

The three digit numbers we are not so crazy about:

{550}– Something about the taper on this pair makes me feel uncomfortable

{560}- The crotch on this fit screams John Deere Dad in rural America.

So Levis fans, what are your favorite styles and washes? We want to hear from you…



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2 responses to “The 411 On The 501, 507, 511 + 514

  1. Ian

    “Our suggestion. Be confident in the abs before you take these boys out for a walk.”

    Love this. Far too many gentlemen try to wear the skinny jeans w/out the appropriate body. Really, I believe you should have to apply with a license to wear them, and the arbiter is j_ball.

  2. j_ball can wear straight or skinny legs any day of the week. Jason, if you would like to send in a pic we would love to use you as an example.

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