An Original With A Twist

Guest Blogger: Ty Raines

Brooks Brothers has been shaping the gentlemen’s game since 1818. That distinction makes Brooks Brothers the oldest men’s clothier in the US and even at the ripe age of 192 years old, the firm has proven, yet again, they are still willing to buck a conservative trend for something much more modern. The 2009 introduction of the Black Fleece label, helmed by the indie fashion darling and toast of New York, Thom Browne, indicated that Brooks Brothers understood the evolving gentlemen’s game and wanted to be amongst the industry’s leaders. Browne worked within the traditional fabric palette of Brooks Brothers to generate invigorated, well tailored, athletic cut suits, shirts, ties, and even swimwear.

The classic grey suit

A tailored navy suit of pure linen, a modern  twist on a classic that can be utilized from May-September.

The traditional navy and gray pinstripe suit of wool, silk, and linen would allow this investment pieces to year round use.

Either as stand alone items or even in the company of each other, the seersucker trousers, the ribbed cardigan, and Browne’s revised naval coat all offer their own edge to the average weekend party attire.

Tartan Tie, the perfect accessory to the American classic white dress shirt, cuffed jeans, and even a vest.

Digging this navy Flannel Tie. It’s the dieal unexpected addition to a simple outfit. Pair the tie with a traditional pair of khaki pants, a pair of adventerous colored loafers/wingtips, and of course, roll the sleeves on that white dress shirt. Effortless.

Venture over to Brooks Brothers to scoop out the still emerging Black Fleece label and if you’re lucky enough to live in a city with either a stand alone or in-store section, don’t miss a sale. Monster.



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6 responses to “An Original With A Twist

  1. So funny! I just went suit shopping with my hubby & though we didn’t shop at Brooks Bros (it was a decision not based on style), we did find something very similar to this at Men’s Warehouse, 2 Joseph Abboud designs. BB will surely be in the budget one day, but I’m hoping by then he’ll have some Armani under his belt as well.

    Stop by my blog sometime. I have a post very much related to this one (it was one of my first).

    BTW, that Tartan tie is fabulous!

    • YeSaint

      In my humble opinion, if you and your hubby are planning to make room for Armani in the closet I would recommend looking into a different Italian designer, Ermenegildo Zegna. The price points are often very similar but Zegna is known for exquisite detailing and nearly bespoke tailoring. Once a gentleman owns a Zegna, he won’t reach for a different suit when the event matters.

    • thanks le petite! we look forward to checking out your blog. 🙂

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