The “Lost” Boys

I am obsessed with Lost.  I have watched it since the very beginning, I read blogs about it on the web, and I discuss it with my bestie and coworker every week.  It also doesn’t hurt that there are some very beautiful actors and I’m referring to the boys.  Obviously there’s not much to say about their style on the show like we can do for, say,  Mad Men (that post will come later) because they wear sweaty t-shirts and button ups and cargo shorts (not that I’m complaining).  I have found that their style OUTSIDE of the show is worth commenting on.  So here we go.

Daniel Dae Kim

Who doesn’t love Daniel Dae Kim’s character on Lost? He’s had to overcome so many obstacles and becomes a great hero.  He’s also a hero in our book for being a classy/preppy dresser.  The linen button up and khakis for summer has always been great and will continue to be great.  Also, I didn’t think I would go crazy over an argyle sweater but he pulls this off without looking like he’d love to debate you on Macs vs. PC.

Matthew Fox

Is it casual? Is it dressy? WHO.CARES.  This is a wonderful outfit for something that isn’t black tie but also isn’t running to the grocery store, you know?  The leather sneaks and belt make this for me.  I noticed while picture shopping that Mr. Fox likes to wear black and you know….I can’t fault him.

Now THIS is a great weekend outfit.  I understand that you might have problems with the hat as I am not completely sold on it, however, the layering, the shoes, the jeans and their fit are all GREAT.  Understated, yet not haphazard.

Naveen Andrews

Okay so let me just say that Naveen Andrews is the ultimate TV bad-ass.  He is a multi faceted character (probably the most intrigueing one imo) and I found in my picture search that he is also a multi-faceted dresser.  First of all, this pin stripe suit is not what I would have picked for this dude but HELLO it looks great! It’s a softer color pallette than you normally see him in.  And was the leather jacket invented for Naveen to wear it??  He really rocks it and looks comfortable in it.  So to Naveen, we say, thank you.

Josh Holloway

It was hard to find a picture of Josh wearing a shirt but when I finally did, I will have to say that he looks just as good in one as he does without.  You know how we feel about plaid so I don’t believe I need to go any further here.

When dressing Josh Holloway I would never think…”white jeans, for sure!” But these look great on him and I love that it’s paired with a harder color like this graphite tee.  So, white jeans? Yes, please.



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3 responses to “The “Lost” Boys

  1. MRH

    Yay for the Lost boys! I agree fully with all of your picks except for one – Naveen Andrews. Did you see him on Jimmy Kimmel’s post-Lost show? I had major issues with his long suit jacket.

  2. Yes. Yes… and Yes. These boys are super legit… but why weren’t Hurley’s short sleeve, plaid, button-up shirts on the fashion list? 🙂

    Gin/Daniel- legit.

    • sadly, there was not ONE good picture of Hurley in anything! If you find one please link us up to it because I hated to leave him out.

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