Top 5: Reasons We Hate Ed Hardy Clothing

Becks in EH

1. It magically grows you a mullet when you put it on ….apparently.

Lil Wayne in EH

2.  You end up in the slammer.  Too bad he doesn’t design orange jumpsuits with bedazzled skulls and tigers.

random in EH

3.  It turns an average polo and sneakers outfit to ….this.

kid in EH

4.  It creates future mullet sportin’, outrageously bedazzled wearing, jail-bird citizens.  Awesome.

JC in EH

5.  Do I SERIOUSLY need to give you a reason here?

We’ve contacted our local tv station and they will not let us do an Ed Hardy PSA so this was our little version.  More Top 5’s coming up!



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3 responses to “Top 5: Reasons We Hate Ed Hardy Clothing

  1. Seriously, this just made my day. I see it here too on the west side. Not cute. And don’t forget about “celebrity” John Gosselin and the hundreds of hooches out there too all who love them some Ed Hardy. 😀 Thanks for the laugh!

  2. We have an agreement to never put Jon Gosselin in our posts even if its to make fun of him. We actually should not even say his name…he will now be “the one who can’t be named” on xlegit.

  3. 27061991

    loveeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuu

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