Celebrity Style: Maxwell

Ascension by Maxwell

We’ve provided some Maxwell tunes above to enhance your blog post experience as you check out his amazing style.

Maxwell suiting it up

Three different patterns and textures, y’all.  GREATNESS.  You don’t have to go this far out with your patterns and textures, however, maybe this will keep you from being a little too timid with them.  Let’s remember that FUN comes first in the word functional.

Maxwell falling into the Gap

Cardigan..check!  Oxford shirt…check!  Trendy glasses….check!  As LB would say, “Brooks and DONE!”

Maxwell too cool for school

You have to agree that this is a Saturday night outfit.  He is still wearing jeans which is casual/cool and comfortable yet they have a wash that signifies a little more dressy.  Also, what a great spin on a leather jacket! Maxwell (ahem, his stylist) realizes that a black leather jacket can be SO predictable.  We are digging this blue that can still be neutral and go with lots in his/your closet.  I’m not judging his man jewelry either which is very unlike me.



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4 responses to “Celebrity Style: Maxwell

  1. LC, thank you for this delicious morning jam!

  2. lbw

    I mean really!

  3. I absolutely love Maxwell’s music he is one of my favorite artist, there is just something about his voice and I love his style it seems to be vintage inspired.

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