Suspenders or known as “Braces” in British English (love that) were invented in 1822.  Due to the stylish high cut of the trousers of the day, suspenders were worn since belts would have been impractical.  Recently, I started to re-think this style when I saw it represented in the film This Is England. Clad working class English youth who cared greatly about their look in Ben Sherman shirts, braces, and boots. {among other things}

This is England {image source}

There is a way to wear these that don’t make you look like your Grandpa or Colonel Sanders. Here are some ways to wear these if you consider yourself a Dandy, Mod, Urban Hipster, or whatever label you associate yourself with. They can be for any man or woman, and they are quite snazzy.

American Apparel Unisex {multiple colors}

Fred Perry

Paul Stewart {For an extraordinary league of gentlemen. This croc brace can break your bank}

Brown Vintage Braces { Topman is loaded with great choices}

UO {skinny}

Brooks Brothers {opt for a bright pop of color. great for a striped or bright blue button up}

{Image Source: The Urban Gent}

Band Of Outsiders

Even for little chaps {Image Source}


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