Non Item of the Week: “Fivefingers”

You know what my new favorite phrase is? “There is a time and place for everything.”  It’s just so poignant, especially at this moment when I’m blogging about something I’m very passionate about. 

Vibram Fivefinger "shoe"

These shoes are meant for outdoor water activities.  They are not, however, meant for grocery stores, coffee shops, music venues, etc.  I know, I know.  I can’t completely rail against taking a clothing item or accessory out of function and turning it to fashion.  There is the cowboy boot, the cargo pant, the combat boot….all of these were meant for a specific purpose and then ended up on Main Street in Trendytowne.  I can confidently say though, that these are not going to “trickle up” as we say in the fashion industry.  Meaning, Calvin Klein and Michael Kors aren’t going to start putting these with their runway collections because people on the street are wearing them.  NO.NO.NO.  Please save these for the activities that they belong to.  There are so many wonderful options in footwear out there it’s CRAZY!  And please don’t give me the comfortable argument…I know it’s just Thursday but my brain feels like Friday and I can’t take it.



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4 responses to “Non Item of the Week: “Fivefingers”

  1. Laura


  2. but, what about the toe sock?

    • I’ve personally never known a guy to wear toe socks but if he does, it should remain indoors whilst catching up on the Mad Men DVD’s.

  3. lbw

    Thank you for this very important PSA. I sat next to a man wearing these in church a couple of months ago. Yes, I said something. I was trying to gain and understanding, but really there is not to be had.

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