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Details, Details, Details…

By: Ty Raines

Often considered the “Best Dressed Italian of All-Time”, Gianni Agnelli, had a penchant for bespoke Italian clothing, glamorous accessories, a lavish lifestyle, and most importantly a crazed man’s tenacity in the board room.

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Agnelli was aware his bespoke wardrobe only amplified his Type-A personality, so in an effort to combat the demeanor broadcasted by his wardrobe, Agnelli often attempted to downplay his overall aesthetic by adding minor touches of “absent minded” quirkiness to his overall appearance.

{image source}

{image source}

For instance, Agnelli’s two cited fashion characteristics are often his crooked tie and odd habit of wearing his large faced watches on the outside of his shirt sleeves.

{image source}

While these particulars aren’t recommended for everyone **cough, please see above**, these are some interesting examples of basic details nearly every man can evaluate and consider in their own fashion life.

{image source}

Disregard the double brested suit, instead notice Agnelli’s bold selection of a monochromatic grey palette that relied upon textures instead of the era’s traditional business colors.

{image source}

{image source}

Agnelli’s influence on the fashion industry via mass media is hard to deny. European media was infatuated with an elegant man hosting lavish parties from the deck of his yacht and/or the lofts of his Italian residences. This prominent media role led to his image being associated with life’s finer things, while his influence even crossed generational barriers. By the way, America took notice once Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis began to appear at Agnelli’s gatherings.

{image source}

{image source}

Giovanni Agnelli, Cavaliere di Gran Croce OMRI (12 March 1921-24 January 2003)



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Look at that wrapping! It’s like Christmas come early. Shop Gitman Vintage . The Spring/Summer Collection was inspired by colors and patterns from 1984.

Cotton Poplin


Antique Seersucker

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BET Awards Red Carpet Wrap Up

Some highs and lows from the BET Awards Red Carpet.


{image source}

John Legend, perfection

{image source}

Mishon in Topman.

{image source}

Anthony Anderson, well someone’s come a long way since Saturday morning Teen NBC Hang Time

Retro Inspired

{image source}

El Debarge, what a comeback! Minus the Madonna chain, but you’re looking sharp.

{image source}

Drake, Everything from the neck up (+).


{image source}

Pharrell, people were not so happy about this.

{image source}

Will.I.Am, Apl.De.Ap, and Taboo

Not really sure why I decided to address this one, because I knew what I was getting into. Oddly,  I can consider Will’s studded oxfords.

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Item of the Week: Sprint for Print

I didn’t think that we could do anything different with a printed tee.  I mean, my word, they have created every print possible including putting crystals on them.  Personally, I like the solid tee look but it’s time that I step out of that NON-box(y) visual and move on to something a little different.  This led me to the site and here is what I found and liked.

Guitar Print Tee

Because you know I had to include a v-neck….

Stem Print Tee

Different take on a stripe, doncha think?

Moshi Moshi Print Tee

If this doesn’t start conversations, I don’t know what will…..

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Goods On Gilt Groupe

Gilt Groupe is so great! Today’s sale will not disappoint. Check out these special deals from:


Suede High Tops

Calvin Klein

Birdseye Blazer


Zane Plaid Shirt

High Plains Bison

And apparently you can purchase man meat (ha)…

If you have a hankering for Bison. This is an intro package.

If you’re not on Gilt Groupe, here is personal invitation from me. Happy shopping!

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Celebrity Style: Last Night On The Hills

Last night on The Hills

Notorious bad boy,Justin Bobby, took us on a trip down memory lane to the 1995 set of Home Improvement!

After a quick commercial break, Audrina pulls up in her new Mercedes G-Class (Thanks MTV) to cut ties with her “rocker” beau Cabrera. Oddly enough it seems as if he just returned from his youth group band practice

image source

This would not be the first time…

image source

Spikes seems to come to us like this week after week. Its just not something one can get used to.

Luckily Kristin takes her ex-fling {Audrinas on-and-off again love interest} Justin Bobby out to lunch to invite him to Audrina’s 25th-On a boat!

Oddly, this is a day when Brody decides to dress like a member of New Kids On The Block

Needless to say this ensemble would make any woman question “Wait, why aren’t we together again?”

…Alas redemption today is spelled J-B.

image source


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Hot or Not

I’m feeling playful today. Below are some items I have come across that I am on the fence about. What do you guys think, hot or not?

Velour Cole T-Shirt

Seriously on the fence.

Cream Grandad Neck Jumper

I love this. However preferred in a heathered or charcoal gray please.


Is this just too patchy and stripey?


I feel like this guy is about to go ref an indie all star futbol match. Maybe this would look better with dark denim and sambas. Or for winter the same outfit but layered with a black crew neck sweater to break up the pattern, but hey that’s just me.


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