Our NBA Postgame Wrap Up

Who could have chosen between last nights NBA playoff game or the MTV movie awards? I think that’s pretty easy ( Playoffs on the full screen and the Movie Awards in PIP..duh, well maybe not even that). Here is some NBA celeb style I came across in my channel surfing. See who came to play last night, and who didn’t.


{nathaniel butler image source}

leo and kevin looking good and not even having to try

{lee bernstein image source}

DeWyzie, I know you just won a contest that may have potentially started a career for you , Clay Aiken, but we need your stylist to inform you to lose the army tag and that sick soul patch. You can’t get interviewed next to Rick Fox looking in such a way.

{christian petersen image source}

Even T.O came looking pretty fly. Idk what those beads are on his arm but I can let that go for now.

{christian petersen image source}

JT is like your brother who could do no wrong. Plus he’s wearing his cap in the right place, the venue in which he’s watching his team. Bravo Mr. Timberlake


Kobe’s precious attitude during his post game press conference, was super exciting…

{image source}


{image source}


{image source}


Even though your ensemble is pretty good, your poor attitude is not. That is never legit in my book. Grow Up.

{image source}

Ray Allen…

{image source}

…the whole time. Look at that smile and pinstripes!

{image source}

Double R, Rajon Rondo, hit that triple double last night, and no one is mad at you for that. Congrats.

{also thank you Gatorade G2 for your awkward off center product placement during my post game evening closure, it helped me rest easier and crave you post workout today.}


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One response to “Our NBA Postgame Wrap Up

  1. Kobe’s acting like a loser, but his sweater is trying really hard to redeem his bad attitude.

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