Movie Awards Fashion Recap

The Best

{photo: bob charlotte}

Mintz Plasse

Great combination of textures and color.

{photo:bob charlotte}


How Dapper. Love the two-tone oxfords and the fact that you weren’t afraid to embrace a melon shirt on the red carpet. I only suggest to drop a button, let the jacket breathe, and lose the chambray square.

{photo:bob charlotte}

Ed Helms


{image source}

Zac Effron

Ain’t nothing wrong with that

{image source}

Paul Rudd

Totes Presch

The Worst

{photo:bob charlotte}

Jackson Rathbone

If you can’t say something nice…

{photo: bob charlotte}

Russell Brand

I am really not mad about anything north of the belt, because Russ is who he is. I do however have a big problem with these shiny pants. That’s a whole lot of gray to induce in one sitting.

{photo: frank micelotta}

Vin, Ron, Sitch, and Paulie D

Affliction T’s, Rock Republic faded denim, chains, hair gel…shall I continue on?

{photo: bob charlotte}

Jackie and Jaden

Mr. Chan, the denim on denim with white shoe combo is enough to make me black out once. But to bedazzle pattern on the jean leg is enough to make be black out again.

{photo:bob charlotte}

Ty and Dids

I mean Tyrese..whatevs. Not sure if the necklace really necessary.

Diddy…the street cred that you even have a fashion line has completely gone out the window in this biker denim monstrosity…sick.



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2 responses to “Movie Awards Fashion Recap

  1. MRH

    As much as I love Paul Rudd, and I do so very much, I don’t agree with that beige suit. I think it kind of ages him.

  2. I had to go back and look, you’re right. Plus there is a little wash out action happening. I guess I just love Rudd so much I couldn’t be let down. A nice brown leather belt and a bright tie, could have enhanced the look.

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