Father’s Day

In lieu of Father’s Day, I would like to pay homage to the style of my own Father. If you would ask me who the most fashion interested person in my family is, honestly my Dad is running the show. His closet is a walk-in-masterpiece! Rows of his shoes line a shelving unit close to the floor divided from athletic, to casual, to dress.

samples of casual, dress, and golf shoe

The same goes for his tops. Polos, to dress shirts, to cashmeres. This man is brilliant. Should I mention all of his slacks are perfectly hung on specialty wooden hangers or that his Cosby sweaters stack straight up? I could go on. My dad through the years…


Sweet Bow Tie

Super Fly-Sweet Chops

3 generations of legit style


He’s not afraid to mix colors and patterns!-I’m a proud daughter

Classics never go out of style.

To My Fav


To the best Dad a girl could ever ask for, I love you!

Happy Father’s Day



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3 responses to “Father’s Day

  1. j_ball

    it’s like barrack obama and shaft had a love child, and that love child had another love child with tucker carlson. i can dig it.

  2. EJB

    Hey, I like your dad’s fashion evolution.

  3. seeing these really brings so much clarity into my life. šŸ™‚ thanks for ‘fessing up on your past, lester.

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