Top 5: Reasons I Love Blue for the Summer

If I could paint every room in my house a shade of blue I would…actually, I’m gonna.  This color is so magical in so many ways.  It can illicit a lot of different moods and looks good on EVERYONE.  No exception.  You can find YOUR blue.  I prefer the aquas, my friend prefers the baby, and a lot of folks dig the nautical navy.  Below are my favorite reasons that the color blue=summer.


Billy Reid T

I love Billy Reid.  Yes, it’s overpriced for what it is but it continues to be fresh and different.  I also like to support a southern man who kept his business in the South.


Ray-Ban blue wayfarer

OBSESSED! The wayfarer looks good on everyone. No, really. I’m serious.  Take a bunch of your friends and go try them on.  They will look good on all of you.  Also, why not be a little different and get them in light aqua?


J Crew chambray short

These shorts are the perfect fit (slim but not tight) and perfect length (right above the knee).  Chambray is also a really light fabric and different enough from denim not to be pulling off the undateable jort look.


These swim trunks are simple yet not boring.  If you’re not down with the crazy designs of surf shorts try these on for size.

5.  TOMS


Even though I’m not a huge fan of Tom’s, I can tolerate the lace up ones. I really like the chambray look of these and how they already look worn in.  Plus you ARE helping someone get shoes by buying a pair so that’s an added bonus.


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