Hot or Not

I’m feeling playful today. Below are some items I have come across that I am on the fence about. What do you guys think, hot or not?

Velour Cole T-Shirt

Seriously on the fence.

Cream Grandad Neck Jumper

I love this. However preferred in a heathered or charcoal gray please.


Is this just too patchy and stripey?


I feel like this guy is about to go ref an indie all star futbol match. Maybe this would look better with dark denim and sambas. Or for winter the same outfit but layered with a black crew neck sweater to break up the pattern, but hey that’s just me.



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4 responses to “Hot or Not

  1. here are my humble opinions:

    i think the velour striped shirt would be good for me- but not for a dude.

    the jacket… doesn’t really bother me, but i don’t really dig it. i kind of don’t care about it one way or the other…

    the “indie ref shirt” comment was hilarious. totally what it looks like by itself, but could be redeemed with a sweater, as mentioned.

  2. Suze

    yes for the first 2 (if paired with the right pieces, obvi) and no for the last 2– velcro shoes come to mind with those.

  3. don

    i’m gonna go with #2 and #4 as being hot. i don’t think i like velour of any kind. that hoodie seems like it’s trying too hard.

  4. Thanks guys. The more I look at this the more I’m into number 2 myself. There is just something about it.

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