Celebrity Style: Last Night On The Hills

Last night on The Hills

Notorious bad boy,Justin Bobby, took us on a trip down memory lane to the 1995 set of Home Improvement!

After a quick commercial break, Audrina pulls up in her new Mercedes G-Class (Thanks MTV) to cut ties with her “rocker” beau Cabrera. Oddly enough it seems as if he just returned from his youth group band practice

image source

This would not be the first time…

image source

Spikes seems to come to us like this week after week. Its just not something one can get used to.

Luckily Kristin takes her ex-fling {Audrinas on-and-off again love interest} Justin Bobby out to lunch to invite him to Audrina’s 25th-On a boat!

Oddly, this is a day when Brody decides to dress like a member of New Kids On The Block

Needless to say this ensemble would make any woman question “Wait, why aren’t we together again?”

…Alas redemption today is spelled J-B.

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2 responses to “Celebrity Style: Last Night On The Hills

  1. obsessed with the white jean/military jacket combo!!!!!

  2. Heather

    I love you both for this.

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