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All That Jazz

5,6,7,8…Give me Charlie Parker or Coltrane, a cocktail, and a guy styled like these any day. I heart this era’s return over the past year or so. If I had it my way it will be here to stay {Insert Swoon Here}.

Sartoreality Lookbook.Nu

Denny’s Lookbook /(anything from him)

Striped Breezy Shirt

Find more at Lookbook



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Don’t Let This Be You

I am SO thrilled because not only did these gals come out with a superb book but they have started a blog.  Get excited guys!

The book Undateable that I blogged about eons ago has really taken off and VH1 has even included a few episodes featuring some of the awful things that guys unknowingly (or knowingly…ugh) do.  So you can imagine my excitement when they started BLOGGING!  If you want a great guffaw during your lunch break or you want to check to make sure you’re not committing these offenses please check it out.

So many things here...

<picture used from Undateable blog>

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Grilling You

I don’t know about you, but when it’s pushing 100 degrees out, the only thing hot I want to eat comes off of the grill.  No heavy sauces, just grilled veggies and meat for me.  I did some browsing and found some accessories for your grill that will turn you into a grilling master.

William Sonoma Slider Press

Wal-Mart Gourmet Corn Grilling Set

Ultimate Chef Store Skewers

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Imogen and Willie-Look Book

This is America./Imogen + Willie- Nashville, TN

{images via Imogen and Willie }/{images by Laura Dart}

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Item Of The Week: Urban Picnic Box

Urban Picnic Box

{image source} {found via design milk}

Take an afternoon to escape for a modern picnic. These boxes come with trays, large + small bowls, utensil sets, cold cup (all of which are compostable), and recycled napkins. By Boxsal


For lunch at the office

{image sources}

There is the great escape.


Today’s Date

{image source}

Take your boo out for a surprise lunch.


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Top 5: Reasons We Love Men’s Fall 2010

1.  Mixed Textures


2.  Dapper Gentleman

Paul Smith

3.  Layers


4.  Vintage Inspired Coats


5.  Eternity Scarf

Thom Browne

All photos were used off of the wonderful website where you can find all of your tips on upcoming trends, style problems solved, and every picture from every runway show from Milan to NY.

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Celebrity Style: Hugh Dancy

It’s kind of  insane what a well cut suit can do.

{image source}

green woven tie check

{image source}

white oxfords check

{image source}

charcoal suit check

{image source}

cord jacket check

{image source}

the perfect tux, check

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