Do Not Wear These

white flips

We know they go with everything.  But so does chocolate brown, navy, and black.  These get so disgusting after the first wear that they’re not even worth keeping.  I recently went to the Northeast on vacation and was appalled at the abundance of filthy, grimy, BROWN, white flip flops.  So I decided they should be banned alongside crocs.



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3 responses to “Do Not Wear These

  1. don

    wait, i thought we established awhile back that there just aren’t good sandals/flip-flops for guys?

    eh hmm:

  2. Laura

    Lauren will have to follow up on this one. She wasn’t mad about flip flops but only Mandals referring to leather sandals

  3. Dear Don,

    Flips are totally fine and we have blogged many a time about ones that we like. We DO NOT like, however, the mandal which is a leather sandal meant for men. I believe I recall that we came to the conclusion that only men who live on the Isle of Capri can get away with these.

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