What Up With That: Scott Disick

I know that many of you are NOT keeping up with Kardashians and I also know that some of you pretend not to when your girlfriends/wives are watching.  I am, however, keeping up with these lovely ladies and I felt the need to shine yet another spotlight (that he doesn’t need) on Kourtney’s boyfriend Scott Disick.

Scott in all of his glory and splendor

This is a typical outfit for Scott on any given day or evening.  I watch the girls’ show partly to see what this guy is going to pull out of his closet.  I have never seen such CREATIONS! LB and I are all ABOUT some color and texture mixing however picking a wild color like peach and taking it to a whole new monochromatic level is crossing the line.  He is also a big fan of tying the sweater around the shoulders and unless you are sailing around on a yacht in Nantucket PLEASE do not do this. It’s too much of a cliche.

Anywhoodles, the moral of this story is…don’t dress like Scott Disick.


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