I want to shout SALE! from a mountain top but I don’t have a mountain top.  I have a lap-top and the internet.

This time of year is one of the BEST times to shop ever!! Retailers have got to make room for all their fall merchandise (which they make more money off of than summer anyways) and so they start slashing all these prices on clothing and shoes you can still be wearing.  I mean let’s get real…in our part of the country, we don’t really experience fall, and winter comes in late November.  Also a lot of this stuff is transition which means you can wear it all summer and then TRANSIT to “fall”.  Let me walk you through it.

JCrew pocket tee

You should always have these in your closet no matter what the season.  These went from being $24.99 to $14.99.  Get you some.

JCrew crew neck cashmere

I forget that they cater to northeasterners and would be selling cashmere sweaters IN THE SUMMER but hey, that’s great for us.  They go on sale right when we need them to.  This little number was $64.50 and is now $29.99.  Your girlfriend/wife/partner will be very impressed with the fact that you are wearing such a luxurious fabric.  And you will thank us. 😉

Gap chambray shirt

These were huge for summer and I have a feeling they will be even bigger for fall.  This would look great back with khaki’s, gray denim, or sleeves rolled up over shorts.  Gap WAS selling this for $54.40 but is now offering it for $39.99.  Jigga what?! That is a great price.

Gap chino

The great things about these pants are that they are lightweight but come in a fall-ish color.  This is called a transition piece.  In the summer you were wearing this with your v neck tee and reefs.  In the fall you are wearing this with your short sleeve button up and cardigan.  You know me, I would also add a bow tie OR a scarf but I won’t get carried away.  Get to clickin at and get this for $39.99 instead of $44.50.

Nordstrom 1901 oxford

Last but not least…SHOES!!  We have a dressy oxford shoe here that is so versatile and can be worn with many outfits that you already own (and should buy).  This little doo-hickey went from $99.95 to $49.90.  You can thank Nordstrom for the slashing and us for the informin’.

Nordstrom puma

You should know how we feel about vintage sneaks ESPECIALLY my lovely friend LB.  I mean, these are so fabulous and like we always say, they can be worn casually or with your suit.  These bad boys went from (this needs a drum roll and I’m not kidding) $64.95-$34.90.  WHAT?! Nordstrom knows where it’s at.


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