Not Enough Cooks In The Kitchen…

If you are a bachelor and you are looking for that special someone, you should be finding ways to make yourself, how do we say..marketable.  You are not a sellable OBJECT, no but you want to have several things in your pocket to be able to talk about at on first dates right?  If you are currently dating someone and you feel that things are kind of…eh.  It’s time to shake things up am I correct?  Let me tell you something.  You need to learn how to cook and here’s why.

1.  It’s better for you – When you are cooking you know exactly what is going in your dishes…how much salt, fat, sugar, etc.

2. You can impress the ladies – As much as most of them won’t admit it,  We love it just as much as you do and if you’re PASSIONATE about food…that’s sexy.

3. Cuts cost – I would think that you would rather be spending money on an awesome activity on a Saturday night rather than that hefty restaurant bill.

This can be a little overwhelming especially if your specialty is grilled cheese and ranch style Doritos.  So I’ve found something to help you out.

Epi App

Epi App

This is a great app for your iphone or ipad called Epicurious.  Below I have listed all the wonderful thing this gadget does that will either impress a new lady or get you a big kiss of approval from your current one.

1. Search food recipes by keyword which can include what is in your fridge currently, what’s in season, what’s healthy, etc.

2.  Shop with interactive shopping lists that let you check off as you buy them at the store.

3.  Get reviews of recipes from the enormous amount of Epicurious members.

4.  Store recipes in  your favorites so that you can refer back to them.

And the list goes on! Check out this link to see what else this wonderful app can do for you.


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One response to “Not Enough Cooks In The Kitchen…

  1. Suze

    AMEN. also cooking classes turn girls on– great date

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